Engineering T-Shirts: An Essential For Every Engineer Student

Millennials these days are more attracted to clothing options that help them reflect their personalities or go with the event, just like Mahadev prints and Engineer T-shirts. These will help you show your love and emotions for the event or occasion.

Let’s dig into the details for engineering t-shirts. This is the most desirable category these days, as most college students pursuing engineering are looking for a similar option for their closet.

Not only the ones who are pursuing, but instead graduates, those who want to pursue the same, or have a dream to be an engineer are looking for an Engineering T-Shirt. What makes it so popular?

Engineering is one of the most challenging courses. It requires immense hard work and dedication to be an engineer, regardless of which field you are in.

 This category for engineering t-shirts thus adds up a funny element to the course. Imagine a college lecture where all the students wear the same engineering t-shirts with different phrases or depictions! This itself will change the aura of class.

Feranoid, the renowned men’s wear clothing brand, has developed some unique and trending options for its customers.

 This will help decrease their screen time and focus more on their studies as once after visiting Feranoid, engineers-to-be need not check out other platforms for more similar options. The brand will fulfil all the requirements with just one click.  

Recall the Good College Memories with Engineering T-Shirts

Engineering t-shirts will altogether take you to the flashback of your good old college days. These will help you go through some of your best memories, remind you to connect with your old friends from whom you have lost touch. Therefore, it will be a reunion for your memories, taking you through the roller coaster of emotions.

If you are planning a reunion for your college students, do not forget to make Engineering T-Shirts the new theme for your party.

The All-New Collection of Engineering T-Shirts to Buy Online

As mentioned, online stores offer the best men’s wear brands dealing with multiple unique categories for all your selections.

When you’ll go through these clothing websites, you will notice that they have different segregations compared to offline stores. It gives you easy options to search for your category based on your preferences like Funky T-shirts, colour block shirts, anime shirts, biker shirts and many others.

Feranoid has numerous options under the Engineering T-Shirts category as well. All their options were in high demand, and most of them were already sold out within a few days of launch. These options will help you easily establish your identity amongst juniors or your batchmates, making you an overnight star of your campus.

Some of their famous slogans for the category are:

  • Abe Padhta Kaun h?
  • Strong
  • Chal Bunk Maarte Hai
  • Ha Ha, Me Engineer hu.

Apart from these, the website also has launched some of their options with pictorial representations, giving you easy show-off techniques while studying engineering.

Furthermore, the website has multiple colour options for all its phrases. They are providing you with more than 3-4 colours for each print or pattern with the availability of all standard sizes with colour variants.

Why Online Stores for Engineering T-Shirts 

The next thing that might strike you is why go for online stores for  Engineering T-shirts. Let’s explore some basic specifications first to know more about the idea behind online stores: 

  • Fabric Quality:

When it comes to online stores, you get the best quality fabrics as you get any options to choose the best t-shirt for you.

  claims that all its designs are curated with 100% bio-wash cotton fabric. Confirming these claims, you can find customer reviews over the internet who have agreed to the fact and appreciated their fabric quality. They have mentioned that Feranoid’s T-shirts can easily be carried and worn for long hours, unlike any other brand’s option.

  • Anti-Pilling Factor:

Imagine yourself giving a mid-day presentation with entirely crushed top wears! Most of us have experienced this situation and are aware of how embarrassing the same feels.

Feranoid has thus an easy solution for your problem. They curate all their products with anti-pilling factors. No matter how long you have worn them, they will always be crisp and pleasing, indirectly boosting your confidence before going in front of the boss or other clients.

  • Price and Discount Offers:

The other most appealing factor of the brand is its prices. Their starting price range is only 349/-. This is for the basic tees or options. If you go for any specific category or option, you can get them at only 499/ or sometimes even lesser.

 It gives you the option to order any three of your favourites at only 999/-. Moreover, the website has multiple actively redeemable discount coupons for the season that will allow you to grab your favourites at unbelievably lower prices than ever.

What are you still waiting for?


Plan your reunion party with Engineering T-Shirts theme or gift them to your colleagues as a memory. Order without any delays as the brand has hidden surprises for all your purchases.