Energy Partners CEO Kelcy Warren on the Future of Energy

Kelcy Warren was born in a small community in Texas to a ditch-digger father and a mother who worked at the local department store. Following in his parent’s footsteps, Kelcy put his all into everything he did, eventually becoming the Chairman and CEO of Energy Transfer, one of the most significant natural gas pipeline operations in North America.

A premier CEO in the world of energy assets, Warren’s work with Energy Transfer has been pivotal, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

With much of the world in upheaval, a looming energy crisis is the last thing that people want to think about. With that being said, one may be on the horizon whether we want it or not.

Jennifer Warren (no relation) of D Magazine penned an opinion piece on the state of the energy crisis and what we can do to work our way out of it. She often turned to Kelcy’s work with Energy Transfer, so let’s see how these two figures connected to tackle the energy and conservation issues facing our world.

Decarbonization and the Future of the Planet

With much of the energy world in upheaval thanks to rising natural gas prices and rising demand for Russian oil, people like Jennifer Warren are taking a longer view of the future of the planet. Warren stated, “I’d favor oil and gas companies that have strong leadership and sound license-to-operate approaches.”

Warren added, “If decarbonization is the current path to spare the planet, a carbon tax and/or cap-and-trade are better options than best-guess subsidies.”

Pointing to her home state, Jennifer Warren claimed, “In Texas, we have an abundant supply of hard-working, determined visionaries. Our blood, sweat, and tears of the shale revolution’s many faces are and will pay dividends globally.”

Looking at the government, Jennifer Warren highlighted the United States’ effort to improve upon its shale oil and gas history. Warren wrote, “U.S. government R&D, tax policy, and incentives helped move the development forward, alongside the private sector. This took decades.”

Kelcy Warren and Energy Transfer

Kelcy Warren was raised in a small Texas town by a family brimming with children. Warren would follow in his parent’s footsteps as he learned to understand the importance of hard work, helping his father haul hay, work in the oil field, and even work as a lineman maintaining telephone lines. 

Learning the art of hard work early in life, Kelcy Warren would go on to attend the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) while angling for his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering.  Warren would graduate in 1978 and within a year he would find himself working at Lone Star Gas Company as a pipeline design engineer. Within three years, Warren had begun his own company.

Energy Transfer was founded in 1995 by Kelcy Warren and Ray Davis. In its intervening years, Energy Transfer has grown into one of the most pivotal natural gas and propane pipeline transport companies in the nation.

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