Empty Perfume Bottles – A Complete Guide To Buy Perfume Bottle in Wholesale

The global cosmetic and perfume glass bottle market is key to the growth in the cosmetic and perfumery industry. Perfume bottles are essential to perfume production and sales. The quality and scent of a perfume brand, as well as the marketing reach, is heavily dependent on the bottling service. To this effect, perfume brands all over the world now seem to be competing to provide the best bottles for their perfumes.

Moyo Natural Labs have the solution to make your brand stand out. We manufacture all designs and sizes of empty perfume bottles in the US. We supply our high quality empty glass perfume bottles wholesale online. Perfume bottles can be designed with customized embossment or etching of every possible name and logo. Each bottle can be given a unique or uniform shape. The size of the bottle can be customized as well to either contain more or fit in a custom pack. We also supply perfume bottles with atomizers.

At Moyo Natural Labs, our mission is to become the most trusted and convenient destination for perfume bottles and container buyers around the world. We view our perfume bottle buyers (for both glass and plastic) as family, and we are entitled to meet their needs and exceed customer expectations with every interaction and transaction.

We launched in 2014 but have since adopted e-commerce to boost our productivity. Our wide range of collections of bottles, fine mist sprays, lotion pumps, myriads of lids of more than 10,000 items, which we offer at affordable prices, with a fast 1-2 day shipping, and around-the-clock online presence convenience that only e-commerce can offer. We commit to customer service as fuel for our ever-increasing customer retention rate.

As an e-commerce company, we keep striving for growth by centering on innovations. Our teams keep searching for better ways to improve our customers’ experience. We operate an efficiently mitigatable website and built high-rated mobile tracking apps for precise order tracking. All these and a lot more, coupled with our cool physical customer service forged our special attraction for new customers.

The common range of perfume bottle sizes are 3ml, 7ml,7.5ml, 8ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 22ml, 30ml, 50ml to80ml 90ml, 100ml,500ml. Our bottles are highly crack and indentation resistant with airtight locks and efficient sprayers. We have the best quality glass perfume bottles, available in clear, transparent, opaque, frosted, and colored versions of glass. In addition to the sophisticated looks guaranteed by our bottles, our bottles do not contaminate the nice scents of the perfumes.

We also provide plastic perfume bottles with even better mechanical properties when compared with bottles asides from the sophisticated look and weight. Our bottles also offer improved attractiveness for your perfumes. In addition to that, glasses are easier to shape, paint, etch or emboss when compared to glass. Contact us now for your preferred shapes, colors, and sizes of perfume bottles.