Employment Newspaper

The Employment Newspaper is published every week for the candidates looking for jobs and don’t know where to find all the opportunities they want. The candidates who wish for a government job can download the Employment Newspaper This Week PDF and be updated about all the new notifications.

The candidates can visit the official website.

Purpose of Employment Newspaper

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India releases the weekly employment newspaper for the candidates who don’t have a job or maybe looking for a better job opportunity.

The employment newspaper contains the job notification offered by various departments of government or we can say it’s a guide for candidates who are unemployed and unable to find a job.

In these times youth of the country is finding it difficult to get a job due to the Pandemic going on and increasing competition in every field out there. The candidates need to search for the right job that they are capable and eligible of doing. The Employment Newspaper This Week PDF easily provides the facility to search a job while sitting at home.

The employment newspaper provides the information of jobs in Central or State government vacancies.

The employment newspaper is released every weekend and candidates can refer to the official website to download it. 

Release of Employment Newspaper

The employment Newspaper is released every Saturday by the government of India and the candidates can subscribe to the weekly pdf by visiting the official website and choosing the membership. After that, the candidates will be able to access the employment newspaper pdf weekly. The newspaper is published in three languages i.e. Hindi, English and Urdu.

The employment newspaper is printed and distributed and it is also available on the official website of employment news.

This magazine is useful for information regarding new notifications about recruitments, results and admissions.

Steps to Download Employment Newspaper PDF Online

The candidates can follow few steps to download the Employment Newspaper This Week PDF through these steps given below:

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Go to the subscribe option and enter your necessary details to subscribe.
  3. Create your profile on the website by entering the required personal details.
  4. Select the language of the employment newspaper of your choice.
  5. The postal department has suspended the delivery due to Covid-19 but the subscribers can get the e-version of the newspaper is available on the official websites.
  6. The e-version subscription costs Rs 400 per annum and the printed version cost Rs 530 per annum.
  7. The candidates can get the information about all the job vacancies in the entire country and can apply according to their choice.
  8. Choose the time period of subscription as per your need.
  9. Pay through net banking/ credit card/ debit card or any other available option and do the online payment of your subscription.
  10.  If you know how to do the above steps then e-version is good for you but the candidates can subscribe for printed version and offline payment options are also available.
  11.  The candidates can get the notifications of ministries/ central government/ state government / universities recognized by AICTE or UGC / union public service commission etc.
  12. The eligibility criteria for all the jobs will be mentioned so the candidates can sort the list of vacancies for their convenience.
  13. The information about jobs and other opportunities are useful for the candidates in understanding and reaching their goals.
  14.  Through this newspaper the youth and other citizens can access the useful information collectively.

The candidates can refer to the official website for further information and changes due to the Covid-19 crisis.


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