Electric Garage Doors – The Smart Choice For Your Home

If you’re looking to make some simple improvements in your home, you could think about changing your garage door. Electric garage doors are a cheaper upgrade you can make that offer you more convenience, last a long time, and are more secure than a manual swing door. They are also a deterrent for criminals, as they are much more secure than a traditional garage door. 

Let’s look at all the reasons an electric garage door is the smart choice if you’re considering an upgrade to your property. 

Increased Convenience

First, instead of having to be manually opened and closed, you can open an electric garage door with a remote control fob. That means you won’t have to leave your vehicle to open the garage door, so you can save yourself the extra effort, and stay dry during the rain. 

As long as you make sure the remote control fob is charged, you can open and close your electric garage door without getting out of the car. 

Less Damaging For You

Since electric roller garage doors roll automatically up into the cover hood, you don’t have to move them yourself. That means you will not damage your back or shoulders by manually lifting and swinging your door every time you open your garage. Repeatedly doing this can cause excessive strain, or cause you to pull a muscle. 

Electric garage doors are better for your health long-term. Their increased convenience also means you won’t be braving the elements every time you need to open and close your garage door, so you’ll be less likely to catch a cold in bad weather. 

Higher Security

Automated garage doors are harder for thieves to break into than a manual swing door. They lock into place and hold the door shut when closed, whereas manual swing garage doors can buckle when attacked with a crowbar. 

Also, when you’re using the remote controlled fob to get access to your garage, you don’t need to leave your vehicle which means you’ll always be safe. There are no vulnerable moments where you leave your car and are trying to open your garage and risk being attacked by a burglar. 

Electric garage doors are an excellent burglar deterrent. 

Won’t Close on an Obstruction

Electric garage doors are fitted with highly sensitive sensors that mean the door won’t open or close if they sense an obstruction in the way. This prevents the door closing on pets, objects, or children. 

While you wouldn’t intentionally close your manual swing garage door on anyone, accidents can happen. A child or a dog can run in the door’s way while it’s closing and accidentally get hit if you don’t react in time. However, with an electric garage door it’ll automatically stop the moment it senses something between the tracks. Nobody gets hurt. 


Your electric garage door should last longer than 15 years, but with the proper maintenance it can last up to 30 years. Your garage door opener may need to be replaced after around 15 years. But its longevity depends on the quality of the materials, how excessively it is used, and how regularly you maintain it. 

In order to ensure it lasts as long as possible, get your electric garage door serviced regularly. Around every 18 months is sufficient. You should also keep it clean and run all the maintenance as per your manufacturers guide. 

They Look Appealing

Electric roller garage doors look excellent against your property, the slats sit flush against the edge of your garage door and you can get them in a range of colours. Whether it’s a vibrant yellow or red, or a wooden finish, or a simple, understated black or white. You can choose the colour to suit your garage. Electric roller garage doors are easy to clean and maintain too. Unlike a heavy manual swing door they won’t rust so they’ll always look new and pristine as long as you clean them regularly. 

In fact, they look so good they can even add value to your home. Any improvement that makes your property look neater and more up-to-date will help add value to your house. Although there are some circumstances (like if you live in a conservation area or listed building) where you may have to seek planning permission to upgrade your garage door and risk decreasing the property value. 

In most cases, you’ll add value by changing out an old rusty manual swing door with a new, neat electric garage door.