Suicidal thoughts, at the very least, are getting extremely common. Is it curable? Can the thoughts go away in some way? Suicidal thoughts are like a piled-up dump of depression and stress. However, I would like to bring it to the attention of everyone, even professionals, that suicidal people often have problems made up in their minds. Such individuals must be talked to and understood by someone. There are chances that simple conversations can relieve their mind and help them get rid of suicidal thoughts.

I have been through a situation where I waited and waited for someone to be there and be in my shoes to feel what I was feeling. There were days when I felt I could dig a deep hole and just hide away from the rest of the world. On the other hand, I found such motivation from strangers to live the best of my life. This is when I realized how effective the internet can be to eliminate suicidal thoughts from my mind. In a very general way, I would like to share my story, along with highlighting the hurdles that I faced.

Let’s look at the problem areas before jumping onto the need for internet therapy.

Piece of advice:

For Professionals

Some professionals deal with suicide-prone individuals. However, professionals must understand that they should not rush their patients. Patients should not be rushed in general. However, the ones with mental issues require a very focused session. Because all these sessions need is “listening”. I was referred to a few mental health professionals that I thought would fix me. But, even the experts make mistakes.

In all sessions that I signed up for, I continuously felt as if I am being listened to for the sake of a “job”. A list of questions about insurance between entering into the office, and the doctor writing down details that were least of my concern at the moment. The next patient is already in line. And I have to make it quick. It pushed me deeper into stress. Maybe I expected better. So, if you are a mental health professional, try to get the extra load off of your shoulder, use external services like medical billing services, and give your best to your patients. You never know whom you would save from suicide.

For Friends and family

The increase in technology is a source for people to easily interact with each other. However, it is sad as well as surprising that the effect is partially or quite negative. Where people were supposed to feel more connected, they even feel disconnected from the family they have around them. I have seen siblings not sharing the slightest details about their personal lives. I have seen parents being the reason for the discouragement of their children when they should be the ones strengthening the confidence of their children. I have seen the highest level of betrayal in friends calling each other “BFFs, best friends forever”.

I did not find the right care and support in my home. I felt as if nobody even noticed how my depression was breaking me inside. And it just broke me a little more to realize that maybe the bond wasn’t strong enough for my family to point out the change in the behavior. I kept moving to the verge of suicide. Therefore, I would suggest that do not leave your friends and family alone; physically and mentally. They may be in the most vulnerable and weakest state. Ask them if they are okay. Ask them if they need anything, any support, or any advice.

How Internet Therapy helped me

You do not always have to know someone to be there for someone. There are groups where people support each other regardless of age, race, gender, and religion. Stress does not follow a bunch of instructions and conditions. Anybody can experience it, and if not talked out of it, suicidal thoughts begin to rush in. Thus, it is important to be present for others at all times. And if you are on the receiving end, do not hesitate to ask for help.

When I finally felt hopeless and too broken to look for any further help, I wanted to vent my emotions for the last time. And, I was glad that I did. I posted my story, my concerns, my doubts, and my insecurities. The viewers were all strangers. Who would think that an unknown person can approach you for moral support when your friends and family failed at it?

I wasn’t expecting anything positive out of it. But, I was helped by so many wonderful beings. They guided me, listened to me, motivated me, and even offered to meet me in person. I made some great friends out of that situation. Since that time, I have decided to be on the giving end, and I suggest everyone not underestimate the power of internet therapy. You can extract the best out of it.