Buying a new or used car doesn’t necessarily mean the end of your road. Whether you choose to use it for personal or commercial purposes, you must be ready to have it in the best of shapes at all times.  Skimp on this, and there is a good chance your vehicle might never reach its golden years.

Whereas the exterior of your car might look appealing, that is not to say you’ll always have a smooth ride.  Rather than making it the norm to hop into your vehicle, turn the key and drive off, you must also think about the engine.  Remember, the engine happens to be the heart of your car.

But how do you take proper care of your car’s engine and avoid an unexpected breakdown in the middle of nowhere?  Below are three effective ways to protect your car’s engine without the hassle.

  • Change the Fuel Filter Regularly

The fuel filter in your car’s engine plays a vital role in protecting it from harmful sediments and particles present in the gas you use.  To have the engine running smoothly, make it the norm to replace it regularly. You don’t have to go overboard since you can access the fuel filter without the hassle.

If you can’t reach the fuel filter, visit your local mechanic shop to have it replaced.  That way, you will prevent the build-up of muck inside your car’s engine. This ensures a clean flow of fuel in the vehicle’s engine.

  • Change the Engine Oil Regularly

The car’s engine contains moving parts in constant motion while on the road.  To have your engine running smoothly and reliably, be sure to check the oil regularly as it helps lubricate moving parts.  Furthermore, it prevents all moving parts of your vehicle’s engine from seeping while driving.

Check the engine oil at least once a month and top up when low.  To purge the oil fluid and its contaminants, consider investing in an oil extractor pump.  With the highest quality oil extractor, you will avoid the hassle of raising your vehicle and crawling underneath to change the oil.

  • Regular  Car Servicing

Regular servicing goes a long way in keeping your car’s engine in tip-top shape while also prolonging its life.  The period it takes to service your vehicle depends on the miles driven. Be sure to check the handbook your car comes with to determine when the next servicing is due.  Perform a minor car service at least once a year to keep your car in top shape at all times.

Summing Up

Without a fit engine, your car won’t help you with anything. No wonder you should strive to maintain your engine properly to avoid turning your car into a tin can.  Change oil regularly, check the cooling system, and replace the fuel filter.  The more you keep your car engine in good shape, the easier it is to get a good resale in the future!