Education in Developmental Years

As parents, we want to do what is right for our little ones. We need to nurture their minds and help them to be ready for the challenging world of tomorrow. What do you do when school starts too late for your child? When you try to maximize the window for learning, and you cannot get it right? It’s too late to go back and recreate the 0 years to 5 years mark that is called the formative years. During this time, you can instead rely on others to help and get the best possible outcome.

We outsource at work and it’s in our nature to continue on outsourcing in areas of life that are very impersonal. However, there is one area that we see as interpersonally connected to us that we cannot seem to ask for help on. This helps with developing a child’s brain during the formative years. As mothers especially, women believe that they should have all the tools to help with this process. However, sometimes outsourcing formative education ( can procure better results than doing it all by oneself. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but this should really begin in the formative years, so it would be better said that it takes a village to raise a toddler.

If you find yourself doing too much, you’re not alone. As you are at home now with COVID-19 isolation, you will find that you may have a partner home from work now as well. China has gone back into lockdown, so it is timely to think about what that will mean for your family. You are particularly tasked with raising a child during a pandemic. This means that you will be the one to see your child through learning how to be hopeful in a world where mental health challenges are prevalent due to stress and feelings of emptiness. A lot can get lost in this time because you yourself might be preoccupied with worries about the future of society or with extra stresses in the home. We can only hope that you will rely on those outside resources for a sense of strength. It can help you and your child. You will be relieved of pressure knowing that you have provided the best for your young one.

We talked a lot in this article about outsourcing and the pandemic. It’s important to know that even in these times, you can still stay connected in other ways. You can also start school early for a child so that they do not feel this sense of grief that many face. They do not need to be isolated at all. There are options to start a one year old in classes just as much as enroll them in conventional classes when they start at four or five years old. The brain has the most potential during the formative years so make the most of the opportunities that are out there, especially during these times.