Reviews – Is legit or not?

We are in the last week of the year 2020 and we start a new year next week. With Christmas on December 25 and January 1 in a few days, it’s a festive occasion around the world, especially in the United States. We all know that people have a great shopping spirit and are looking to buy some beautiful dresses for them to wear from time to time. is a website that has almost all the necessary products for girls and women, and that too at a delicious discount. Speed. Are you the one looking to buy some of them? Well, you can, but consider the reviews as it has most of the information on this website.

What is, like many others, is an e-commerce website that sells products such as t-shirts, pants, shoes, and coats for winter. The target customer of this website are girls and women, and they have also positioned their product quite well.

Their Christmas deal offers the product by buying 2 get 10%, buy 4 get 25%, and buy 6 get 35% on many of their items. The general discount rate is up to 50%, which is quite lucrative and looks good on festive occasions.

They also offer free shipping for orders over $ 39 in the United States. They have also given a logistics company like DHL and Fed Ex as their partner in the delivery system. To learn more about the website, keep reading the reviews below.


• Website name:

• Product: women’s clothing

• Payment method: credit card accepted by PayPal

• Email: [email protected]

• Address: 970, Michigan Avenue, Chicago, 60611 L

• Shipping Policy: Expedited 15 Day Shipping & 30 Day Standard Shipping

• Refund policy: 30 days after receipt of the product.

• Phone number: not on the website

• Alexa Rank: 27,67,581


• The range of products offered by the website is quite good, aimed at girls and women.

• The discount offered on festive occasions is quite lucrative for customers.

• A 30-day refund policy is accepted, considering the international practice of other players.

• Expedited shipping policy will deliver the product within 15 days of order.


• The website is only three months old and there are no such Reviews, which is a sign of concern for buyers.

• The Alexa rank of 27,67,581 suggests that the traffic flow on the website is low.

• There are not many payment options available to buyers other than a credit card.

• Not much information about the founder is provided on the website.

Is legit or not?

When you consider the information on the website and do intensive research on another platform, it is quite difficult to know whether is legit or a scam. Since the website is only three months old, not much has been written about it in the digital world. Some websites only provide technical information about the portal.

Not much is known about his dealings with the client. The low Alexa ranking doesn’t speak much about the e-commerce portal either. In About Us, not even much is written about the company, so we recommend that customers keep their purchase on this website until a lot is known about it in the digital world.

What are reviews?

The website does not display social media icons on its pages. This indicates that their connectivity to social networks is not well developed. There are no comments about it on nor is your Instagram account created. His Facebook account is well developed and he has around 230 likes and the same number of followers on his page. The page was created on October 6, 2020, but the company is giving its founding day in 2017, about which we cannot say much. We couldn’t find a single customer review that spoke for or against the company’s product. Is legit? This is not easy to answer so we ask buyers to do their research before buying on the website.


After knowing the age of the website, the product it offers, its Alexa ranking on the portal, and its shipping and refund policy, it’s hard to tell if it’s a scam or a legitimate site. Some of the information, such as the Facebook page and the well-developed discount structure, points towards the effort that is being made on this site. At the same time, the lower age of the website and the absence of a phone number is a sign of a dubious website, so due to a lack of review and customer feedback, at Reviews we ask the customer to make their purchase after doing their research. until much is known about this website. If you have any experiences with the company or their product, please write them in the comment section.