Mining processes are often challenging and demanding and can often be risky for the miners involved. Whenever a miner gets to work, they should be assured of returning to their family safe and sound and that their productivity will not be interfered with. This is the assurance you get from WeatherSolve and their reliable dust solutions for the mining industry. 

There are many proven effects of dust in mining on the health of miners and on their productivity. The weight of these effects is addressed in mining laws of multiple countries, and we deliver the best results in ensuring your company remains in compliance and safeguards everyone within the site from harm. Here are some effects of prolonged exposure to dust;

  1. Damage to the airway and lungs

One of the most consequential effects of dust exposure is on the breathing system. Depending on the mining site’s ventilation and the minerals therein, the effects will vary. Mining activities release silica and coal dust, among other powdered materials that can easily find their way into the breathing system. Accumulation will result in difficulty breathing and developing cancerous diseases, among other life-threatening conditions. 

  1. Reduced productivity

Dust in the mining site will significantly reduce productivity, and the studies by our professionals on the right solutions delve into this. When miners cannot see what they are working on, they will be forced to down their tools until the dust settles. This can harm the operations of the mines and result in delays, and with the solutions from WEeatherSolve, you can keep the mines running at full capacity and maintain visibility for best performance. 

  1. Throat and eye irritation

Dust accumulation from working in poorly ventilated mines results in eye and throat irritation, and prolonged exposure causes the workers to develop throat cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, among others. Exposing your staff to these harmful conditions is a strong basis for legal action, and WeatherSolve helps you overcome these challenges. 

What solutions does WeatherSolve offer?

Although there are multiple solutions for the mining industry on dust accumulation, there are only several options that are foolproof and reliable in the long run. Additionally, the right dust solutions will depend on the kind of dust. Here are some reliable solutions WeatherSolve offers to keep the mining industry safe and productive;

#1. Wind fences for dust control

Open surface mining is often exposed to strong winds, and controlling it can be a huge challenge to the miners and the environment. It is impossible to determine the direction in which the wind blows even with the right meteorological data. Wild fences from WeatherSolve, however, offer the perfect solution for this problem. If you perform open surface mining on gravel or sand, these fences ensure the wind doesn’t get to the site, and thus no dust is raised. 

It is reliable for controlling the conditions within the mining surface and thus keeping workers safe and maintaining perfect visibility. This alternative is also reliable when the dust from the mines is harmful, especially silica dust. 

#2. Dust suppression water guns and cannons

Water guns and cannons are reliable dust solutions ensuring the mines are safe and conducive to work. These tools are used to dampen the working surfaces, thus preventing dust from rising. This is a reliable and efficient way of controlling dust in the mining industry and doesn’t require an expert. 

The miners can control the guns and cannons depending on the extent of the dust building up. These tools are also water efficient, and thus you shouldn’t worry about extra costs, and our experts at WeatherSolve will help you set up and deliver the best results. 

#3. Dust ventilation systems

This is one of the most effective ways to control dust accumulation in the mountainside and below-surface mining for coal and diamonds. These ventilation systems ensure that the miners have access to clean, breathing air and ensure dust doesn’t accumulate. 

They are further supported by filters and pumps that ensure the dust can rise to the surface with ease and there is a continuous airflow. WeatherSolve delivers these dust solutions well to mining industry players, thus keeping the mines safe throughout their operations. 

#4. Industrial fans and heavy-duty exhausts

The dust challenges from the mining process aren’t limited to the sites only as they also extend to the processing sites. This is especially in the rock crushing process for limestone in cement manufacturing and more. The industrial fans offer reliable dust solutions as they don’t use a lot of power and are durable. Heavy-duty exhausts will quickly remove dust from the site and processing area, maintaining a clean air supply. It is a reliable solution for industry players, and some countries offer tax breaks for these company assets. 

#5. Controlled blasting and excavation

Most of the dust in ore excavation is from blasting and excavation by heavy vehicles. Monitoring the blasting process and ensuring the excavation process is conducted only after wind fences are installed prevents the raising of dust and thus ensures a proper mining environment and that dust doesn’t get out of control.

What are the benefits of dust control?

The mining industry benefits hugely from creating reliable dust solutions, especially those offered by WeatherSolve. Here are some of the benefits;

  1. Improved productivity

Dust control ensures miners remain productive and reduces injury. It ensures proper visibility; thus, no downtime is experienced throughout the mining process. 

  1. Maintaining health for miners.

The miners are the core players in the mining industry, and their health is paramount. Proper dust solutions from WeatherSolve ensure they are safe and remain productive for longer. It also prevents a company from liability by exposing its workers to harmful practices. 


Dust is one of the biggest challenges the mining industry faces, and developing the right solutions to counter it has been ongoing for decades. WeatherSolve offers a range of options depending on the dust type at the mining site. We have professionals who will analyze the dust levels and their effects on workers and equipment and thus create custom solutions to ensure you have the most productive solutions. We pride ourselves on delivering the best dust solutions to keep productivity high.