Drift hunters game

Drift Hunters game was created especially for drifting enthusiasts. If you’re having trouble getting your car to skid in a controlled way, it’s time to master this skill. Choose the car of your liking, the track where the race will take place and the whole race begins. Unless no one else is on the track, so keep going, doing one can after another. For each birthmark, you will earn the points you need to earn money. The longer the drift, the more points you can get. But remember, if during the import you have a conflict with the attacker, the points will not be credited to your account. They go track after track, and each of them expects many tight corners, from which it is easy to skid.

The world of Racing Games has also had its share of new generation games, and the structure of the Games has started to change one by one. Drift Hunter offers you a wide garage as well as a free world.

Drift Hunters is an amazing 3D game where you earn points by driving various cars. These points allow you to earn money that you can spend on upgrading your current vehicle or buying a new one. The game stands out for its realistic drift physics and varied driving conditions.

Game Features:

  • Car customization
  • Upgradable car performance
  • Detailed car tuning
  • 10 different cars
  • 5 different race tracks
  • Adjustable brake pressure, rear height, front height and more
  • Full screen available

Platforms: the game is available in the browser and on mobile devices (Android and iOS).

In some areas, such as schools, workplaces, hospitals, etc., games often crash. This means that people cannot enjoy their favorite games in these places. Don’t worry, because you can still enjoy this game with the unlocked version of Drift Hunters! We do our best to have as many places as we can unlock our games.


What is the most expensive car from Drift Hunters?
The Porsche 911 GT (993).

What is the fastest car in Drift Hunters?
The Nissan GT-R (R25) is the fastest car from Drift Hunters.

Do I need to change gears in Drift Hunters?
You can choose between an automatic and manual gearbox.

Is Drift Hunters a free game?

Drift Hunters is a totally free game on the desktop, Android and iOS. It can be found in CrazyGames.

Control S:

  • Use WASD or the arrow keys to drive the car.
  • Use the space bar as a handbrake
  • Use C to change the camera position
  • Use the left shift to change gears
  • Use left CTRL to change gear