Down the rabbit hole: How this collector discovered the only known Vise in existence

Antiques are ancient works of art that not only give us a glimpse into the past but also showcase how far humankind has progressed. Unfortunately, as years go by, many antique pieces are lost as civilizations cease to exist, whereas others are unable to withstand the test of time. Hence, if someone is able to get their hands on something antique, it’s safe to say they have discovered a gold mine. Such is the story of Jesus Marquez, a man who now ranks among the top 5 collectors in the US.

Born in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Jesus Marquez moved to the United States at a very young age. But even then, he was known in the family as someone who had an entrepreneurial mindset. As he grew up, he set up many businesses till one day, in 2016, he started collecting vises, antiques, and anvils. According to the renowned collector, antique tools always attracted him. In fact, he was always in awe of how crucial vises were to building America. While these antique pieces were just tools for some, Jesus Marquez always saw them as a part of history. “Since I was a handyman, tools meant more to me than they did to others,” the vise collector shares.

To pour fuel into the fire of his passion for antique tools, Jesus Marquez created a network of collectors around the globe. During his interaction with like-minded individuals, he came across a known collector who owned a unique vise valued at around $20,000 USD. The interesting part is that it was used in a roundhouse rail yard in Ohio. Well, the rich history was enough to attract Jesus Marquez, and he ended up purchasing the vise. From that day onwards, he became more than an antique collector – he became the owner of the only known vise in existence.

Moreover, Jesus Marquez also created the brand MexaShop1 for passionate individuals who love collecting tools and antiques. The platform caters to a community specifically interested in receiving information regarding ancient tools. The vise collector claims that his target audience is tool collectors, antique collectors, vise collectors, anvil collectors, and people who are interested in the world of tools and antiques. And though many people are unable to understand the community’s passion, the fact is that the market has always existed but was not correctly tapped into. 

Fortunately, Jesus Marquez knew how to get noticed and hence developed a presence on social media through Facebook groups and Instagram. This led him to connect with antique lovers, as well as other collectors. Utilizing the power of social media is a strategy that wasn’t best utilized by antique collectors before; however, Jesus Marquez has fast made a name in the business due to his creative ideas.

Though Jesus Marquez is a successful entrepreneur today, many find it hard to believe that he never attended school past the 9th grade. It was his bright ideas and passion to make it big that eventually helped him make his presence felt.

Talking about the importance of a positive mindset, Jesus Marquez shared, “One’s mindset is instrumental to the growth and one’s destination. I never gave up, even though I faced many hurdles. Being a Mexican in the US, I always faced doubt, whether it was walking into school, at work, or even walking into the bank. People have always doubted me, which is why I am proud to have made this journey on my own.”

Jesus Marquez also believes that it is natural for things to go wrong. But when you face hard times, the solution is not to give up. Instead, he recommends striving to take one day at a time. Then, if things don’t work out, try to understand what you can do better and try again the next day. “Hard work is the key to success and will always overtake talent,” Jesus explained. “Always have a clear idea of where you are going to ensure you are efficient with everything you do in your life. With this mindset, you will eventually achieve your goals,” he added.

As far as the antique industry is concerned, Jesus Marquez believes it will continue to grow as social media platforms expand. There is so much more potential now since we can reach out to people living on opposite ends of the world.