Do’s and Don’ts for Maintaining Your Dog’s Hygiene

Good hygiene habits for your dog are essential, but unlike human beings, they will not require daily cleaning and grooming.  Most of the maintenance practices are DIY, but there are exceptional cases when specialized care from professionals is needed.

Even as you do all these, the weather has to be put into consideration. Don’t rush to dip your pet for a bath without making the necessary considerations. Grooming is good, but overdoing it will bring about unnecessary complications. Consult an expert if you have questions, and make sure your pet has some health insurance, you can find more information on Bivvy’s Website.

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Keep reading for do’s and don’ts for maintaining your dog’s hygiene.


Match Products with Dog Breed

While you may be grooming your dog regularly, it is all useless when the products used don’t match that particular breed. This mostly plays out due to the hair size. Do not expect bristle brushes to work effectively in the case of long-haired breeds. Instead, go for sleeker brush types.  All the tools and material you opt for should be in line with individual dog-breed requirements.

Have the Right Tools

Similar to any other activity, grooming your dogs will need some specialized tools and materials. Some of the basic materials include shampoos, brushes as well as teeth cleaning tools. At the same time, you will need tooth combs and blow dryers.

The products you pick should be specifically meant for the well being of your dog. The shops in town that specialize in dog care products are the perfect destination when in such a mission. Store the tools and materials well for future use.

Checks for Ticks and Flea

While you are discouraged from grooming your dog daily, you will have to break this norm when it comes to checking for fleas and ticks. Depending on the weather and neighborhood, there are seasons when fleas and ticks are a nuisance.

Although such seasons are rare, it is always good to be alert and do more grooming to your dog. While handpicking these pests is an option, it is not always the best option as they will keep recurring. Unleashing chemicals in the form of flea treatment will be a better idea of controlling them. However, it has to be done in confined spaces to avoid poisoning your dog and the surrounding.

Take Care of Their Playfulness

Dogs are among the few creatures that are playful by nature. You will, however, not understand the joy that this brings until you see the delight in your dog’s face after a playing session. This will mostly apply in puppies, but it doesn’t mean mature dogs are not playful.

Dog toys come in a variety of sizes and prices. Depending on individual tastes and preferences, pick a product that is likely to delight your dog. These toys have to be aesthetically appealing for the dogs to embrace them. You should, however, take your time and scrutinize these toys before bringing them home.

Trim the Nails

Whether you are using rotary trimmers or clippers, the nails of your dog need to be kept short. The nails should be left at a medium height, or else the paws will bleed. At the same time, you have to make a decision between the two techniques and choose one that works for your case.

On the same note, be sure that products associated with the trimming procedure are within. The trimming exercise should be done regularly to prevent them from growing too long. You can as well have professional groomers do it for you at a fee.


Don’t Bathe the Dog too Frequently

Don’t bathe the dog too frequently, especially during winter or when the temperatures are cool. When bathing the pet, do not use products that are meant for other species or mix two brand products. This could be quite dangerous on the dog’s skin.

After a bath, dry its skin or hair using a clean towel. Don’t dry the dog’s skin harshly with the towel because it can cause rashes or even irritation on its skin. Do not wash the ears and face of the dog. Failure to dry these parts correctly can cause bacterial infection caused by lots of moisture.

Don’t Clip the Nails Using Blunt Tools

Don’t clip the nails using blunt tools. Instead, sharpen the clippers regularly or replace them. Avoid clipping short nails because they result in a lot of pain and bleeding. Ensure that you have proper products to stop the bleeding should it occur.

Do not let the dog’s toenails to get too long because they will make the feet painful when it contacts hard ground. While cutting the nails, never put the whole nail in a clipper. Avoid using guillotine-style clippers since they crush the toe, which is painful, only use scissor-type clippers.

Avoid Mixing Products

While grooming, do not use products that are meant for human beauty or hygiene on your dog. If you notice foreign objects during the grooming session, do not try to remove them yourself and consult a veterinarian.

Avoid spraying the dog using perfumes that are not approved by a veterinarian. Most products contain harmful ingredients, and dogs are sensitive to smell. These smells can cause respiratory problems if the dog is too sensitive.

Don’t Treat Dog Injuries Yourself

If you notice any injury on your dog, do not try to treat the damage yourself. Seek immediate veterinary attention so that they can evaluate the wound. The vet can quickly assess how deep the wound is and make recommendations for treatment.

The vet also knows the process of cleaning the wound, what medical product to use, and whether there is contamination.

Stay Away From Matted Fur

Matted dog hair is dirty, and it’s painful sometimes. Avoid cutting if from your dog’s coat yourself. Instead, have a professional dog groomer do it.  The mats could be tighter and might have skin caught up in them, and you could easily cut the dog. 

Maintaining your dog’s fur, teeth, ears, paws, and nails in good shape is a crucial part of hygiene and grooming. If you are not ready to do all these, stay away from dogs. Regular grooming is at the heart of the maintenance, and veterinary guidance will be needed for your dog to be healthy.