Does Lemon Water Break Your Fast?

If you’ve been scheduling your eating windows carefully, chugging electrolyte-enhanced water and stocking up on various intermittent fasting mints, chances are you’re gearing up for a planned fast. If this is the case, you may be interested in figuring out what’s permissible within the bounds of your fast and, conversely, what food or drinks could end up breaking your fast. Lemon water in particular is a popular health beverage that you may be interested in sipping throughout your planned fasting period. If you’re concerned about whether chugging down some lemon water could interfere with your fast and harm your desired results, here are the basics you need to know.

Simple Lemon Water Can Be an Appropriate Addition to Fasting

If you’re wondering whether any amount of lemon water is appropriate when fasting, the short answer, in general, is yes. Just as you may have realized when wondering can you have a mint while fasting, very low-calorie items are unlikely to affect your fast. This means that, similarly to other drinks such as herbal tea or plain coffee, lemon water in its plain form is an acceptable liquid to consume when fasting. However, excessive ingredients can make your lemon water unsuitable. That’s why you should make sure you’re consuming lemon water with:

  • Pure water and fresh lemon juice
  • Low or no added sugar
  • No preservatives or other added ingredients
  • Low calories unlikely to affect your fast

Lemon Water Can Help Keep You Hydrated and Balanced During Your Fast

One of the potential stages of fasting that you should try to avoid if possible is dehydration. Failing to consume adequate amounts of liquids during your fast can leave you feeling dehydrated and weak. Drinking lemon water can help you stay balanced during your fasting window and may:

  • Help you avoid dehydration and help keep your energy up during fasting hours or days
  • Promote weight loss by helping you feel full
  • Provide a small amount of antioxidants and electrolytes from the fresh lemon to help round out your nutrition
  • Give you something to sip on to keep distracted when you start to feel antsy during your fast

Ask Your Doctor Whether Adding Lemon Water Would Be Helpful for You

Of course, no fast is one-size-fits-all. Although lemon water is generally appropriate to consume in most fasting scenarios, you may want to consult with your doctor about your specific situation. In some cases, you may need to leave lemon water out due to:

  • Specific dietary needs or preferences
  • Religious requirements
  • Underlying health conditions

As you gear up to tackle your next fasting period, you may want to prepare by knowing which drinks may or may not break your fast. If you’re interested in keeping yourself hydrated and getting an extra dose of antioxidants by sipping on lemon water throughout your fast, you may be pleased to learn that lemon water is generally considered acceptable for fasts, provided it does not have too much added sugar, preservatives or other ingredients. This means that you can safely drink healthy lemon water as you fast to stay hydrated, replenish some electrolytes and feel your best.