Do you still need Antivirus Protection Software in 2023?

Antivirus softwares are set of programs that are especially designed for the prevention of Virus and other malicious softwares from our systems. 

Why do we still need Antivirus Protection Software in 2023?

OFCOURSE! Threats from Viruses for our computer system have not been gone yet but its increasing daily with more complicated encrypted design. The minute you open the Internet, you get connected with networks all over the world and if you don’t have any antivirus installed in your system , it will make Cyber-spys easy to look into your system. On daily basis more than 60,000 new viruses or you can say new Malwares are created. These malwares are not easy to catch on the network as they keep on changing their design so that it will be hard to detect them. 

Viruses and Malwares are designed in such a way so that it can cause damage to your device and prevent you from accessing your own data and to take full control on your system and as they could  steal your personal data.

Basic Functions of Antivirus Software that we need in 2023-

1.Scanning- This is the most basic function of an Antivirus. In 2023 many different types of Malwares were introduced with different patterns. They can only be caught through scanning. 

Many antivirus softwares like Kenoxis  gives you the option of schedule scanning and also automatically scanning . You can choose whatever option you prefer. Scanning is an important step as it catches all the new virus that are introduced in the networks.

Antivirus Scans allows you to initiate scan of your entire system, computer, CD, flash drive, etc at any time.

2. Detect- It you have installed an Antivirus in your System it will detect it immediately and will notify you. It will ask you to scan and clean that file of yours. Nowadays Virus even attacks on each icon you have on your PC. 

3. Remove- As technology is growing, the variant of Computer viruses are also taking an advance form. If you have an Antivirus installed in your PC or system , it will remove them from your personal network allowing you to do safe browsing.

Benefits of having Antivirus Software in 2023? 

Antivirus softwares not only protect your Pc and computers but also all of your precious things like photos music and important documents from the destruction of Malware. Advanced antiviruses make sure to challenge all the new and latest threats.

Advance Antivirus Software are capable of following things-

  1. It prevents from identity theft and blocks or eliminates all the phishing and frauds that are may happen.
  2. It will always alert you before clicking on any illegal websites. So think before you click.
  3. Advanced Antivirus like Kenoxis ,Scans the dark web and will dig out if there is any information regarding you has been there or not. If it finds it will alert you instantly.
  4. Today’s Antivirus software provides you a basic training where they teach you how to be safe with your system.
  5. All the spam advertisements are blocked. You must have noticed that sometimes an unknown AD. Or website pops-up, and once you click on it, it will instantly steal your personal details. Therefore Todays Modern Antivirus stops these types of Ads so that your device will be safe. They prevent you from using unauthorized networks.
  6. Modern Antivirus also restricts you from considering an easy password that might get easily hacked.

Work of Advance Antivirus Software for 2023? 

Modern Antivirus Softwares stores their Malware definitions in the cloud. In this way it will use less space by which it can scan faster and make our system runs smoothly.

It detects the malware that are going around the  network and will work as a wall between you and that malicious network which is trying to damage  your system.

There are many antivirus which are free to Download and can run easily on an Operating system or on Apple computers.  Most of the time this type of Antivirus comes in- built, where you once switch it on and you will be safe from all malicious activities.


Q1.What is a computer virus and what are its types.

Ans-A computer virus is a malicious program that spreads all over your computer which results in malfunctioning of the System or your device.

Following are the main types of computer virus-

i)Boot Sector Virus

ii)Direct Action Virus

iii)Resident virus ,etc

Q2. Is it possible to protect your system against virus?

Ans- Yes, it is!  You can Install an Anti-virus into your computer that will keep your system protected by matching any of their kind. Nowadays hackers keep on creating new viruses and they are left undiscovered, but if you have installed an Antivirus in your system it will be discovered. An-Antivirus keeps you from all the malware threat by scanning, segregating and eliminating.

Q3. What are the common sources of virus infection into our system?

Ans-i) Emails ii)Using anyones pendrive before scanning it  iii)Using wireless Bluetooth iv)Downloading any files, programs or software from the internet.

Q 3. What are best Antivirus available ?

Ans- a) Kenosis

b) Norton


d) F-Secure

e) Avast

Conclusion- Every coin has two sides. In today’s growing technology of the internet we are provided with many benefits but at the same time it has its own bad side. Once you open your internet many hackers tries to sneak into your system through various kinds of virus and malwares so that they can get your personal data. To prevent this from happening one must have a good anti-virus installed in their system so that if anyone tries to sniff into your account their network will be eliminated.