Do You Know Why Vaping Is Healthier than Smoking? Here is how

Many people, especially young adults, struggle with the smoking lifestyle. The nicotine in cigarettes is an addictive substance. However, we all know how harmful smoking is to our health.

The smoke inhaled by a person while smoking contains numerous toxins that cause permanent damage to the lungs. Nicotine CBD cigarettes are known to cause cancer and many other health problems. And this is the reason that wax pen was introduced initially.

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What is Vaping?

Before we establish why vaping is better than smoking, let us first know what vaping is. The term ‘vaping’ is related to water vapor which acts as a carrying agent in these mechanisms. In simple terms, vaping is similar to smoking, but the substances reach the lungs with steam, not smoke. But at the same time, you must use  high quality cbd accessories. You can check out the largest collection of vaporizers, bongs, cannabis glassware and accessories at Clouded Rasta.

The vaping pen uses power to create vapor that carries the substances exactly as smoke. There are many variations in flavor in the traditional ones, and CBD carts are also readily available in the market.

How is it different/ better than smoking?

Now that we have seen how it works, you might be curious how it is better than a traditional cigarette. CBD vape pens include CBD oil that reaches the lung through the vapor. The act is so similar to smoking that most people can hardly tell the difference, but there is a significant difference between the adverse effects caused by both.

Vaping is less harmful as smoke is absent, and CBD vaping is perhaps the best option since nicotine is absent. Additionally, research works have ventured into how CBD might effectively treat substance abuse disorders. It makes CBD vaping one of the most effective replacements for smoking.

Why is it the ideal alternative to cigarettes?

Here are all the reasons why you should switch to CBD vaping instead of smoking:

  1. It does not contain smoke– Unlike traditional cigarettes that burn to produce smoke, vaping happens through water vapor. The difference is significant since smoke itself is very harmful to the body, especially the lungs.

While you are inhaling just the contents, the absence of smoke is a huge benefit. Water vapor might not be harmless, but it is a better choice.

  1. It gives a similar effect to cigarettes– In various surveys, surveyors found that many people release stress more by the act than by the nicotine in the cigarettes. The action of taking a puff was what helped them unwind and turn back to it many times.

Since it is the act that matters, vaping is an ideal alternative as the process is identical to smoking. The user takes a puff of the substance, the only difference being that it is vapor instead of smoke.

  1. It does not contain nicotine- CBD vape pens usually include CBD oils and no traces of nicotine. Nicotine is one of the many substances in cigarettes that harms the body.

Though many substances cause damage to our organs, nicotine is the worst of them all since it is addictive. The addictiveness of nicotine is comparable with that of cocaine and other such substances. Thus, the absence of nicotine is an essential measure.

  1. It may help with health problems– CBD vaping uses CBD oil, which helps alleviate pain, anxiety, etc. It also helps with reducing pain and inflammation, regulating sleep and blood pressure, increasing concentration, etc.

Though research is scarce on this topic, users stick by their experiences and recommend CBD to others. An article has stated that CBD shows immense potential in aiding the treatment of many diseases, including PTSD.

  1. It contains little or no THC– THC is the compound that causes a ‘high’ effect in the user. While the mind-altering compound is present in marijuana, it is not the same for hemp.

Hemp contains less than 0.3% of THC, which is why the user does not experience a ‘high’ after its use. Various myths revolve around CBD, but almost all CBD products come from hemp, not marijuana. It is safe to use as a supplementary aid.

  1. It contains other positive components of hemp– Aside from CBD, CBD vape kits also include the other compounds found in the hemp oil. These components combine with the CBD to give way to the ‘entourage effect.’

This effect occurs when these components, mostly terpenes, aid each other and help with health problems quickly and efficiently.

  1. It does not contain other harmful ingredients– Cigarettes come in 1-2 flavors only. However, CBD Vape pens have many, which are safe to use. Most commonly, there are no harmful flavoring agents or other components present.

These ingredients can be toxic to the body, so their absence is essential. Users advise buying ones with pure hemp oil.

  1. It is safer to use with lesser side effects– Smoking comes with several side effects like a dry mouth, coughing, and many other persisting discomforts. However, vaping CBD hardly has any side effects since CBD itself has a commendable safety profile.
  1. It can help fight an addiction gradually– The traditional methods for fighting an addiction include substances like nicotine gums, which often fall short, and people fall right back into their habits. Though smoking is harmful, a gradual withdrawal from the process has more effective results. If the user fights addiction systematically and gradually, the chances of permanent treatment are much higher.
  1. Secondhand vapor is less harmful than secondhand smoke– Secondhand smoking is a huge issue that causes various diseases in people who merely inhale the residual smoke left in the air while someone else smokes. To curb such problems, vaping is better since CBD vapor is not nearly as harmful as cigarette smoke.


For people struggling to quit smoking, vaping is an ideal step. This method works a lot better than traditional methods since vaping is almost identical to smoking.

While the process is similar, the safety of both is very different, making the product ideal for people who want to quit and live a long & healthy life.