Whether you are an advertiser or a business owner, if your ultimate goal is to capitalize the astronomical search numbers that take place on Google every single day, there might be nothing better than signing up for Google Ads. 

Lately, an array of social media platforms has come up with advertising functions. Somehow, this has made new advertisers, and business owners doubt the integrity of Google ads. So, is it worth it now? Let’s find out the answer in this post.

What is Google Ads?

Google ads is the online advertising program hosted by Google – the top search engine working across the world. The program lets you create online ads to reach a wide range of audiences that might be interested in the services and products offered by you. 

This platform is running on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, meaning that you will have to pay every time somebody clicks on the ad.

Are Google Ads Worth It?

If you are in search for the answer to whether Google ads are worth it or not, jotted down below are the factors you should look into:

  1. Google Has a Massive Reach

These days, Google has taken itself up and beyond a brand. The word ‘Google’ is actually defined precisely, and the reason behind this is people running to this platform whenever there is a need to search for anything. 

Want to know where an Apple store is near you? Google it! Want to know how to relieve headaches naturally? Google it! The search engine takes care of almost more than 2 trillion searches each year. 

This means, per day, Google gets almost 5 billion+ searches. Among this number, there would be plenty of people looking for solutions and products that your business is offering. If you think your target audience is available on the internet, there are higher chances of them using Google at least once each day. 

And, if you can assist them in finding an answer, even with an ad, they are more likely to choose you over your competitors.

  1. Maximizing ROI with Different Bidding Strategies

If you think building a persuasive, click-worthy landing page would be enough to appeal to Google so as to maximize the ROI, you are wrong. To help you reach certain marketing objectives at the minimum possible cost, Google ads offer a variety of bidding strategies:

  • CPC Bidding: This is recommended by Google if your objective is to only drive traffic on your site.
  • CPA Bidding: It is recommended when your focus is on conversions, such as signups and purchases.
  • CPM Bidding: This means Cost Per Thousand Viewable Impressions and is recommended if you are trying to establish brand awareness.

Choosing the correct type of advertising will allow you to show the ads to more people and get more chances of clicking and converting.

  1. Capabilities That Let You Get a Range of Targeting

With Google, there is almost something for every type of business and every prospect at different stages of the buyer’s journey. Thus, bidding on broad keyword search terms will display your ad to prospective buyers at the early stages of the product search process. 

Furthermore, this will let you fill-up the top funnel with two simple yet powerful techniques:

  • Capturing the information with the post-click landing page and sending them informative content to prove authority
  • Even if they don’t convert, using the retargeting technique to draw them back until the goal is achieved

Another significant technique to add to the customer base is bidding on long-tail keyword terms. Generally, these are less expensive and more worthy to capture the attention of those who are in search of precisely what you wish to offer.

  1. Earning More Conversions

When Google decides the ads that should get seen by the target audience, they consider the post-click landing page experience. This is a measure of how well your site is offering those who click the ads. 

Basically, the experience that you are offering might impact the rank of your ad and, thus, the position in the ad auction and the CPC. Also, to get your ads seen on the network of Google, you will have to be extremely persuasive with the landing page. 

By doing so, you will maximize the ad spend because of the focused design and the matching of the message.

  1. Connecting with the Intent

One of the biggest differences between people you are reaching with other advertisements and those you are reaching with Google ads is their intent. For instance, on social media, people don’t want to see advertisements. 

They are not trying to find solutions. They might be more interested in family updates and vacation pictures. Thus, when you advertise to these people, there are more chances of your brand getting shunned out. 

On the other hand, on the search network, you advertise to those who want to see advertisements. People here are looking for something certain and specific. Therefore, when your ad comes up, it helps them find solutions and answers. 

Some experts also regard search ads as a type of inbound marketing as they are helping somebody take the first step.

  1. Building Brand Awareness

When people think of Google Ads, they instantly think of driving traffic via PPC on search engine result pages. However, the ads of Google are way more versatile than that. With them, you can also build brand awareness – something that every marketer and business owner wishes to prioritize. 

Reinforcing the brand reputation, personality, name and more are necessary to develop trust among your visitors. The more you repeat consistently, the stronger your brand turns, and you can develop more trust. 

And, trust is something that will help you earn loyal customers and purchases. Through the search network, even if people are not clicking on your ads, they still see your tagline, your logo, your brand, what you are offering, the content copy you are using and more. All of this, in a way, strengthens your brand.

  1. You Can Use Any Budget

Sometimes, getting a click can cost hundreds of dollars to some businesses. Also, it varies as per the industry. For instance, the legal industry may cost you anywhere near $1,000 per click for long-tail keywords. 

However, most of the keywords don’t cost that much. And, even if they do cost higher, you can easily apply constraints on maximum bids and daily budget with Google ads. This way, you can rest assured of the fact that even if you don’t monitor the account, you will not spend more than what is needed. 

You can also finalize the amount you will be spending every month and can adjust the budget as per the performance graph.

  1. Quicker Results Than SEO

Sure, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still the backbone of most websites that get high traffic. The pages and posts that you see on the first page of Google search are not the results of well-written content with cautiously researched keywords. 

Rather, they are also there because they managed to gather a huge number of backlinks over the period of time. It might take years altogether to see one of your pages appearing on the first position for a broad keyword. 

However, when you begin with Google ads, the chances of your site leapfrogging organic results grow exponentially and easily. Starting with the ads can help you boost the odds of people clicking on your ad the first thing when searching for a relevant term or keyword. Hire a Seo Expert to grow your business.

  1. Easy-to-Understand Results

You will be clueless when it comes to improvement if you have no idea about what is going wrong for you. Some analytics dashboards are designed in such a way that they make it difficult to find out what exactly is not working. 

Fortunately, with Google, everything is easy to understand and straightforward. You can discover basic information, such as keywords, budget, impressions, clicks and more. It helps you to see precisely how visitors behave on your website, where they are going next, where they are clicking, how much time they are spending on your website and more.

  1. Offering Unlimited Potential

Google ads are one of the scalable marketing techniques with endless keywords to bid on. This means that your target audience is also unlimited. If you are ready to boost the traffic, you can simply add some new keywords. 

If you have created a PPC campaign that can make money, you can increase the daily spend to get more clicks. With Google ads, the keywords get ranked on the bidding system. Upon bidding higher, you can easily increase the position. 

Wrapping Up

If you have been asking yourself – “why to use Google ads?” Now is the time to change the question to “why not?” The Google network has to offer something for every business, irrespective of the size, goals and budget. 

Thus, in the sea of endless searches, why wouldn’t you try to establish your brand and see the kind of revenue you can generate? So, if you haven’t tried your hands on Google ads yet, now is the time to begin with them. 

Author Name – Samiksha Jain

Samiksha Jain is an innovative and enthusiastic content specialist at Intent Farm. She is a poet, storyteller and a great script writer. She loves writing stories and creating something that allows people to go on a journey of the mind. Along with this, she is Digital marketing savvy and works with her clients to create strategies. You will always find her doing multitasking on her desk.