Do Storage Units Have Any Hidden Fees?

Whether you are downsizing, renovating, or moving, a storage unit will save you loads of headaches. They will not just help you keep your belongings safe but also ensure there are timely deliveries and assurance of your security. But at what cost? You have to be extremely careful and ask for the distribution of the pricing so that in the end you don’t feel blindsided. 

Whenever it comes to Sydney storage, storage plus is extremely transparent with the client and provides exact quotations of the prices that they take to provide the necessary services. 

Costs Of Storage Units Explained

There are various different types of storage unit charges that may or may not be mentioned while signing the contract, Hence some people may refer to them as hidden charges. Below you will find the various charges that are associated with the storage unit:

  1. Administration fees- 

This is the primary charge that most of the storage units ask for. Like any other membership, most storage units ask for administration or sign-up fees that are taken during the initial starting of the storage unit booking. This is a charge irrespective of the length of the contract.

  1. Reservation fees-

Most people are well aware of the exact date they would be needing the storage unit and in order to avoid any last-minute worries, many people book it prior. These are considered reservation fees, although it is not mandatory to pay this fee. It does take a whole lot of expense. 

  1. Insurance fees-

Although it is a given that the security of your belongings is the responsibility of the storage unit, a lot of storage units ask for an insurance fee to ensure this responsibility. 

  1. Late payment fees-

Many storage units have a particular amount and date that has to be strictly followed or repercussion of the same is faced. Late payment fees are charged very high and treated as a penalty. 

  1. Credit card fees

If you pay the monthly fees through a credit card, then most of the storage units will charge a processing fee from the bank for using a credit card and it is always better to confirm this before signing the contract. Credit card fees may be charged regularly and can rob your bank account

Finding A Reliable Storage Company

To find a reliable storage company, you need to ensure that you take a background check and find their history, previous work, a recommendation from previous customers, and a storage unit that is flexible with your working hours and takes consideration whenever you want to move or relocate or just plan to store it for future use. Sydney Storage is a reliable storage company that is of utmost transparency and you need not worry about your belongings at all.


Are you sure what you are paying is the amount you initially signed for? In most cases, storage units have hidden fees that often help hide the fees initially and make it look like a cheap storage unit compared to others. Sydney Storage has a good reputation with clients. The above points will help you decide the best.