Do Online Educational Games Really Help Kids Learn?

The older generation might not believe that we really now live in a time when games help children learn, but this is the reality of many teachers, parents and children. 

Since technology is slowly but surely taking over every aspect of the world, it makes all the sense that technology should be integrated into education as well. Games have the power to make learning easier and more enjoyable for children, as well as develop their reasoning and problem-solving skills. 

It is a well-known fact that children learn better when their learning material is infused with familiar characters, engaging content, or challenges. Rather than have your children play action games and other kinds of games which have the sole purpose of providing entertainment, why not include learning in your child’s game time? 

Now, as schools are engaging in distance learning more than ever, games are even more beneficial for subjects that might need some practical aspects and a traditional class setting. Students who normally require more time to understand school work will be able to learn at their own pace, and won’t feel the pressure that comes with switching classes every time the bell rings. 

BrainPop is a game designed with game-based learning in mind. The creators of the game researched on the things that students need, and integrated these needs in a collection of helpful games. The games BrainPop offers cover everything across the school curriculum; from mathematics to science and even social studies, and helps learners stimulate their minds to gather more information about different topics. 

SnapThought, a self-reflection tool among the many services BrainPop offers, allows students think about how they arrived at their solution; enabling students understand what they are doing better. Rather than ask students to simply produce the answers to problems, it is better to encourage them to think about the step-by-step to their answer. This way, they will make connections between the problem and whatever solution they provide, and will be more likely to link that question to real life problems. SnapThought is also user friendly; allowing teachers change their prompts according to their student’s preferences 

BrainPop games are unique in that they offer Lesson Ideas together with every game. Lesson Ideas include things to help teachers get the best out of the online education platform such as; game guides, lesson plans, SnapThought prompts, and much more. 

No matter the subject area students need to cover, BrainPop has something for everyone. Among the games listed as staff favorites are: 

• Sortify: Parts of Speech 

• Battleship Numberline 

• Unit Rates 

• CodeCombat: Ogre Encounter 

• Color Simulation 

• Carbon Cycle Game

• Acceleration Simulation 

• Community in Crisis 

• Vital Signs 

• Do I Have a Right? 

• Cast Your Vote 

• LawCraft 

Download reading kid games to help your children practice their reading skills. Parents who are unsure of the benefits of educational gaming can still go with educational material online. Rest assured that you can find the widest range of quality learning material and educational games across all subjects.