Do Kina And Tam Drop-Ship Their Clothes From Ali Express?

As the new normal is emerging, businesses are finding smarter strategies to channel their operations with the least hustle-bustle. Cutting off expenditures to open doors for revenue generation is the only aim after the global pandemic. Companies are inclined towards a new paradigm for working. 

Let’s unveil the story of Kina and Tam and how they stand out in the E-commerce flea. 

What Are Kina And Tam? How Do They Ace The Work? 

Kina and Tam manufacture a wide range of products for youngsters who want to keep their inner child alive forever. The majority of their offering is clothes that are highly comfortable and too cute to wear. Kim and Tam were started by Linnie Tam and Gianni Kina, who made a dream come true by serving the unique fashion sense for youngsters’ clothing with an interesting motto, “More is More.” 

Kina and Tam are famed for their vivid colors and garish and unimaginable prints complimenting the fledgling fashion. And this is what makes Kina and Tam the world’s top-selling company playfully and cheerfully. Their offerings do not end only on apparel, but they also offer jewelry, handbags, and other attention-catching stuff with a hint of a kiddish vibe.  

The success story of Kina and Tam is not a one-day story, but it is the workings Paradigms of Kina and Tam indeed landed the opportunity to ace their domain; Kina and Tam preach sustainable yet chic Designs with ethical conduct in the business. And earned a badge of Ethical brand. And to achieve this badge, Kina and Tam ensure that clothes made by them are up to following standards. 

Sustainable Products Infused For Offering

According to the words said by Kina and Tam, they try to integrate the efforts of human capital rather than relying on machinery and using materials only, which favors the betterment of society. But sustainable does not mean tedious; Kina and Tam are inciting the cult of influencers on all media. Who makes their followers aware of sustainable fashion and how Kina and Tam hype funky and vivid fashion?  

Business Deals Only With Certified Business Holders

This statement confines the agreements between the two parties; after being termed an Ethical Brand, Kina and Tam can now only enclose an agreement with the identical business that holds the title of ethical brand. When a company is said to stand on these two parameters, they ensure their customers deliver only authenticity and nothing. But some cases say otherwise. Let’s explore more about Kina and Tam drop-shipping. 

Do Kina And Tam Drop-Ship Their Clothes? 

Many probes confirm that Kina and Tam Aliexpress drop-ship their clothes. It is said that Kina and Tam introduced displays of clothes on the AliExpress website as their own. In no way Kina and Tam dropship their products. They actually have tied up with various factories in China from whom they buy raw materials and make their clothes.

How Do Kina And Tam Generate Revenue? 

Kina and Tam is itself a well-renowned brand for fast fashion with elevating designs for youth. Unique colors and pop of vibrancy allure more customers toward those who seek chic in everyday outfits. Hence, Kina and Tam own a website to make order processing easy for their customers like any other site. You can jump to the site and order the one you want, which serves a lot to Kina and Tam for revenue generation and bestowing customer contentment. 


Taking charge of your business is an effective and immediate way to elevate business, especially for startups drop-shipping lifts the cost and puts the brakes on delivery. But cutting off drop shipping is recognized as a game changer for many B2C dealers and cultivating fruits for the intermediaries like Kina and Tam. Kina and Tam turned to the autonomy of operations and became the most loved brand for fast fashion and vibrant clothes.