DnD 5E Common Magic Items (Top 10)

In this article we’ll be going over the dnd 5e best common magic items, which is the lowest rarity of magic items in the game, a rarity that makes them pretty easy to get a hold of in most campaigns, and is usually relegated to the more useless or flavorful items.

Here we’re providing top ten to top one 5e common magic items list. Before we go to number ten to one list let’s go over a few honorable mentions just because there’s so many useful common and uncommon magic items and i have find a best website on this topic along with their prices that you can check out from dnd magic items prices total list. In number 10 we have the

10) Orb of Shielding

Of course this magic item is available from eberron rising from the last war and it has the ability where it can be mostly used as a spellcasting focus. That isn’t super unique like most of the spellcasters start off with the spellcasting focus.

But there are different variations of this orb and depending on which on you have that you can simply activate one of its second effects. Where as long as you’d holding the orb, you can utilize your reaction in order to reduce the damage of a spell by 1d4.

9) Feather Token

At number nine we have the Feather Token another common item from the ebrron rising from the last war. However this item is kind of like a consumable and of course that can only be used once and activates automatically as when you fall for at least 20 feet while you have this particular father token upon you somewhere else.

It shall be activating automatically let you take no fall damage and of course it may descend at the comfortable 60 feet per a round. After this once you’d land the feather token may become a non-magical item too and it can not be used again.

8) Pot of Awakening 

In a number eight we have the Pot of Awakening from xanathar’s guide to everything. This is one of the another consumable item like the feather token. Where if you plant an ordinary shrub into this clay pot and then let it go for at least 30 days then the shrub will then magically transform into an awakened shrub at the end of the 30 days.

After which all of its roots are break the pot and destroy the pot so you can’t use it again. Of course the creature which is awaken from this pot may automatically friendly towards you and unless until you would give it a command it will sit there and it does nothing. Now an awakened creature is a cr0 creature who is technically able to deal damage. But only deals around one damage on average with its attack.

7) Perfume of Bewitching

At number seven we have the Perfume of Bewitching from xanathar’s guide to everything. This is another consumable item and is basically one of the magical perfume vials which only has enough for a single use. And if you use an action in order to apply this perfume for yourself then you’ll obtain a buff for an hour which is basically gives you the friends cantrip but without any downside.

In that way it gives you advantage on all of the charisma checks directed at the humanoids. Al though with a small downside and the fact that it only works upon the humanoids of challenge rating one or lower which is of course a lot better than the friends cantrip, that makes you hostile towards the target after the effect ends.

6) Hat of Wizardry

In number six we have the Hat of Wizardry from xanathar’s guide to everything. This is a common magical hat which could only be attuned to by wizards and of has two effects. One of them allows you to use the hat like the spellcasting focus for wizards spells and the second one allows you to cast any wizard cantrip assuming you pass a dc10 arcana check.

Now a DC10 arcana check is considered to a medium level check and it should be made a lot easier by wizards who would like to have high intelligence anyway. Which enhances their chance to succeed that arcana check. and of course it simply allows you to have more versatility with the cantrips.

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5) Clockwork Amulet

At number five we have the Clockwork Amulet from xanathar’s guide to everything. This is an item which allows you to once per day, completely ignore rolling for an attack and of course instead of that treat it as if you rolled a 10 for that particular attack roll before adding the modifiers.

Now the average roll of the d20 for an attack roll is 10.5, so the Clockwork Amulet technically gives you slightly below the average of roll when using it.

4) Imbued Wood Focus 

At number four we have Imbued Wood Focus from eberron. This is an item that can come in the form of a rod, staff or wand and basically has the effect to be treated as the spell casting focus and of course it could provide a plus one damage boost to the specific type of spell damage.

As determined by the type of wood used for an item. So basically like the orb of shielding where a type of material used for the item determines what type of damage that it interacts with.

3) Spellwrought Tattoo 1st Level

At number three we have this Spellwrought Tattoo from tasha’s cauldron of everything. More specifically the first level version of it. Like this is a tattoo that contains the first level spell. Which you then apply for your skin and it can use whenever you want without using the spell material components.

2) Masquerade Tattoo

At number two we have the Masquerade Tattoo. Another item from the tasha’s cauldron of everything. Now unlike the spell rot tattoo, this tattoo is not a single time use consumable item and it does allow you to transfer the tattoo to someone else.

1) Potion of Healing

Now let’s get into number one, this is Potion of Healing the only item on this list from the regular dungeon masters handbook. The potion is very simple as an action you can drink the potion in order to kill for 2d4 plus 2 hit points. And this item is probably one of the most useful magic items in the game.

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That being said guys! I Hope you’ve enjoyed our guidance on the most common magic items. If you’ve any thoughts, suggestions on this particular topic then please feel free to share them with us in the below comments section. We are always happy to read and include them in our website.