DIY Christmas Gift Baskets in Canada

The Christmas season is fast approaching. This means it’s the right time to start thinking about all the Christmas presents for your loved ones. Unfortunately, selecting a unique present these days has become a headache as practically anything anyone wants can be purchased online without even leaving a couch. For example, if you live in Canada, you can use this site to send gift baskets in Canada. 

However, we’ve come up with an even better gift and a unique basket gift idea that’s enough to brighten anyone’s Christmas morning, a DIY Christmas gift basket. There is so much you can do to make a customized Christmas gift basket for everyone, including women, men, teens, kids, and more. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at it. 

1. Cookie Gift Basket 

Everyone loves cookies, which makes a cookie gift basket a perfect gift for loved ones on Christmas day. You can put freshly baked sugar or chocolate cookies If you’re on a budget, make sure to spend more money on the ingredients and less on the packaging. Grab a glass jar and fill it up with cookies. Add some other items that go well with cookies like cookie-cutter, hot cocoa mix, etc. Don’t forget to wrap the jar and basket with ribbons. 

2. Wine Lover’s Gift Basket 

A wine gift basket is another perfect Christmas gift. There is so much you can do with a DIY wine basket. The good thing is, it’s very easy to prepare yet gives a very luxurious vibe to the receiver. So grab a basket, put a favorite wine brand bottle in the receiver. Fill the basket with shredded paper fillers and add other items like crackers, cheese, and some dry fruits or bread. 

3. Coffeeholic gift basket

A coffee gift basket is a classic gift for friends and family in the Christmas season. Fill a wooden basket or a gift container with different coffee bean packets, a cute mug, coffee creamer, and wrap-up with cellophane. A coffeeholic gift basket is ready! 

4. Makeup Gift Basket 

Everyone has a makeup lover in a friend or family. This Christmas, surprise her with a personalized makeup gift basket that contains all her favorite brand makeup products. Keep a red and black basket theme, and don’t forget to present a rose with the gift basket to compliment her beauty. 

5. Christmas themed Chocolate Gift Basket 

When in doubt, go safe with chocolate gifts. It’s one of the most loved gifts of all time. Grab a bucket or any gift container and place the red colored paper in the bottom of the basket and fill it up with shredded red colored paper. Now, fill the basket with different fancy chocolate boxes, chocolate bars, wafers, and other chocolate stuff. Finally, place a Merry Christmas card along with the ribbon and a beautiful chocolate gift basket when it is ready. 

6. Spa and Macarons Gift Basket

Relaxing spa gift baskets with tasty macarons, what else can anyone wish for? There are various items you can toss into the gift when it comes to preparing a spa basket. For example, fill it up with body lotion, scented candles, bath bombs, face mask, organic soaps, a bathrobe, and don’t forget about adding some reading material to enhance the relaxation of the receiver while taking a cozy bubble bath. 

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