Ditch The Traditional Saree Draping Style

With the summer, the wedding season has kicked off. With the wedding season, the mad rush to get the outfit has already started. You can not think of anything other than Indian clothes for the wedding. From lehenga choli and Anarkali to saree, women are scouring every store to get that perfect stylish outfit. We all know how tiresome and taxing the process can be. There are many ways to style up your dress in different ways. If you love to wear a saree but, are bored with the same style. This article is for you only. Here we will talk about multiple ways of wearing a saree in style. 

Belt Style Saree

A belt can add a charm to your regular saree. Drape your saree in normal ways and just add a belt at the waist. In the back days, women used to wear Kamarbandh, which also can be the best option to add glam to your look. You do not need a heavily wedding saree to create this look. A simple printed saree also creates a chic look. You can also shop online party wear sarees from the best shopping sites.

Dhoti Style

Try this unique and completely different look next time whenever you attend a wedding. All you need to do is wear leggings instead of the petticoat. Drape the half part in pleats and tuck it to one side. And from there the rest part will be the same as a regular saree. This style is a bit tricky but trusts us, you will rock the style. 

Lehenga Style 

Why spend a lot on an expensive lehenga, when you can turn your saree into a lehenga? yes, you heard it right. The lehenga-style saree is very famous. without an effort just pleating the while 6 yards. Of course, left some for pallu. 

Mermaid Style

As mermaids are, this style of draping spreads out the lower part of the plates. You only need to add a few extra pleats into the saree and tuck it. you are ready to go. 

Pant Style

If you are looking for a party wear a saree and something that can make you stand out. Try out pant style saree. Wear pants instead of a petticoat and just have to drape similar to the dhoti style saree. If you will pair it will an off-shoulder top or blouse that will make the stunning party look. 

Here are 5 ways of wearing the saree we have mentioned. You have doubts and don’t want to try this all. We would suggest you shop online from the best online ethnic wear site.