Discover Hidden Features of ServiceNow that Make Your Job Easier

The ServiceNow business model is based on providing products using SaaS cloud computing software. It entails creating systems to define, manage, automate, and structure business services. Security, operations, customer service, human resources, and other industries can benefit from ServiceNow. 

Table of contents

●     Four types of administrators.

●     Advantages of using ServiceNow.

●      What skills do you require for ServiceNow.

●       Searching using wildcards.

●      Outbound REST API logging and Inbound REST API Explorer.

●     Developer and deployment privileges.

●     Conclusion

Four types of administrators

Based on their roles and responsibilities, the four types of system administrators are as follows:

●     Administrators of networks.

●     Administrators oversee an organization’s entire network infrastructure.

●     Administrators of databases.

●    Administrators of servers and websites.

●    Administrators of security systems.

●    ServiceNow administrator’s role

 As a ServiceNow administrator, your responsibilities include designing, developing, building, and customizing applications and providing support to software end users. You manage the software’s workflows, implement new systems or add-ons, assist with problem resolution, and test systems for efficiency.

Advantages of using ServiceNow

This brings us to the next advantage: increased work efficiency.

● Work efficiency has increased. ServiceNow enables employees to complete tasks quickly because there is no paperwork or other manual processes.

●     Aids in the integration of work.

●     Repetitive Tasks are effectively handled.

●     Human Errors are eliminated.

●     Problems are detected quickly.

What skills do you require for ServiceNow?

 ServiceNow developers must have the following skills.

●     JavaScript programming skills are required.

●     Understanding of markup languages such as HTML and XML.

●      Knowledge of stylesheet languages such as CSS.

●      NET and AJAX are examples of web development tools and techniques.

●      Expertise in cloud computing.

●       Service consists of tricks and hidden features.

You should be aware of numerous useful aspects of the ServiceNow system. If you are an experienced ServiceNow user or have been using it for a long time, you will begin to pick up little things from here and there, such as the “Hi” acronym used for the ServiceNow hi support site. It is an abbreviation for “Hosted ITIL.”

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 Aside from that, a variety of things can be advantageous to you, such as making the development of new functionality easier by managing your instance. Suppose you’ve been using the system now for a while. In that case, you may have discovered a few helpful tricks of your own, or you may have talked to other ServiceNow users at the Knowledge Conference or your local ServiceNow User Group seminars and meetings and discovered a long-forgotten Community post, etc.

Searching using wildcards

If you want specific data, searching for it in the system is a difficult and time-consuming task. However, if you know the default wildcard characters, you can type them, and the required data is displayed in the search results. Wildcard searching is available in the Global Text Search, the Knowledge Base, and reference fields, as you are aware.

Outbound REST API logging and Inbound REST API Explorer

Working with any system API is difficult, but did you know that the system now has many useful tools and tricks that make working with any API easier? For a deeper understanding of their API documentation, systemNow also provides users with a unique tool to create and evaluate inbound REST messages within the ServiceNow platform on their developer site (which is of the most extraordinary work of them).

REST API Explorer is another tool that allows users to access the REST API Explorer easily; all you need is a good rest API explorer or admin role.

All HTTP requests made by your system, with or without your permission, are viewable by users with the web service admin role.

 The JavaScript Executor allows you to test client-side code freely.

 If you are a developer, the ability to run freeform server scripts against the system with the “Scripts – Background” feature will be one of your favorite features in ServiceNow. This can be considered a module or superior feature to fix scripts. If you’ve ever worked with client-side code as a developer, you should know how difficult it is to test a simple GlideForm message or a GlideAjax call.

If you are one of those people looking for a client-side equivalent for Background/Fix scripts in service, you have come to the right place.

Personnel should be given development and deployment permissions.

 The system administrator can use this to assign a non-administrator as a developer and deploy resources for a specific application. You can also grant the user additional permissions after they become developers. This trick is similar to a user-admin console in which the user can only perform tasks granted to him by the system administrator.

 Let us go over the steps required to complete it in brief. First and foremost, you must be a system administrator. Unless the admin’s authenticity is verified, you are not supposed to complete the task. This trick necessitates the use of three records. These are as follows:

● Group

● Application

● Users


● First, go to System Applications, then My Company Applications.

● Choose the application in which you want to add the developer or make your user developers.

● The system will open the application’s record automatically.

●  Select the Manage Developers option.

●  The developer permission window will appear on your screen.

● Now you must choose the type of developer you want to create and assign to                                                                your user. 

● Choose developers to add the individual user as a developer or deployer.

Select the group option if you want to add all group members as developers or deployers.

Developer and deployment privileges

Finally, one of our hidden tricks and advanced options in ServiceNow software. This tool is similar to the previous one, but it differs slightly. Administrators can use Manage Developers to assign one or more developer and deployment authorizations to a group or a specific user for a specific application or set of applications.


Let us upgrade ourselves and move forward with these shortcuts as the world does. Nobody can stop you from impressing your boss or building a solid business if you have these tips and hidden tricks.

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