Digital Marketing Salary: Trends and Predictions for 2021

As brands and businesses throughout the world customize new normal, shifting to digital is one of the clearest changes that occur throughout the country. And, if the last 11 months is an indication, a surprising digital transformation rate and is likely to increase further in the coming year.

Digital marketing is one of the careers who have seen massive growth, even in this slow economy. If you try to advance your career in digital marketing or plan to get into this fast and profitable evolution field, this article will include the role of the best work and trends of digital marketing salaries that you must know.

Increasing demand for digital marketing roles in 2021

With a quick gain in e-commerce and long distance work, digital has come true overnight for millions of businesses. Consumers in most parts of the world have lived in the room, while most businesses have to close their physical doors and make their employees work from their homes. This means that the brand and consumers are equally faced with online to be the top, if not the only choice to transact. According to the latest CMO surveys, 56% of efforts change their Go-to-Business models to take advantage of digital opportunities.

Obviously, traditional marketing takes back seats, with brands relying more than before on their digital strategies. This shift has placed large demands on digital marketing. How does this change affect digital marketing career?

As an industry full of opportunities, digital marketing has created a career choice that wasn’t even ten years ago. But today, with the business handing this new environment, demand for professionals with digital skills that can help them succeed in navigating this new landscape soaring. According to a report by burning glass technology, four of the 10 job positions in professional marketing demand to have digital marketing skills.

Thus, future prospects for career in digital marketing are very bright, especially for those who have expertise and background in marketing or those who are willing to invest the time and effort to learn new skills.

Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

When it comes to paying, many companies determine the increase in salary based on employee digital skills. It’s not difficult to see why professionals with digital skills order higher salaries. Another report by burning glass technology found that the role of work that lists digital skills as a need to pay 29% more than not. Even with the current year placing the reducer increases, reporting to find digital marketing is one of the skills that is willing to pay premium.

No doubt, career opportunities in digital marketing are visible promising in the coming year. That said, let’s look at some digital marketing jobs that are expected to be the hottest in the industry and show positive salary trends in the coming years. We will damage digital marketing salaries with the role of work and with geography.

1. SEO / Digital Marketing Specialist

LinkedIn has registered ‘digital marketing specialists’ as one of the 10 most jobs in demand, identifying SEO as one of the most desirable skills. Digital marketing specialists wore many hats and must have the skills to do techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), social media, conversion optimization, digital analysis, content, mobile, and email marketing. This work involves driving search results, managing online campaigns, utilizing various digital channels, and ensuring the company’s digital marketing initiatives are harmonized with their overall strategies and goals.

2. Social Media Manager

The use of social media grows in leaps and boundaries, and does not show signs of slowing. With buyers who roam the social media platform more than before (more than 3 billion social media users are predicted in 2021), there are massive incentives for businesses to strengthen the presence of their social media. At present, businesses use social media channels to involve their audience, expand their network, produce awareness about their products and services, and build their brands, in general. Social media managers help businesses reach fans and followers on social media platforms with the aim of getting traction and building income. Social media managers are not only professionals who are very paid but also enjoy the opportunity to climb the stairs quickly to reach a position sought like a communication manager.

3. Content strategy

Content is an integral part of the digital strategy for all types of business because almost every level of marketing today requires content in several forms or other. After all, it is content consumed by buyers, and compete brands. Content strategies do not only have the skills to make their own interests but play a much larger role by managing the author team, developing editorial calendars, contributing to online campaigns, using analytics to determine the effectiveness of campaigns, and more. As a professional who carry out overall activities related to content strategies, they are valuable assets for companies that employ them.

Business rushes to ride a digital wave. To rise above in this competitive landscape, they have recognized the need for marketers with digital skills and paying premiums to get these professionals on board. Acting now or getting a digital marketing course to become one of these sought candidates that companies around the world scramble to rent is the motto.