Different types of swimwear and styles

Swimsuits are available in a variety of types, and styles. The one you select for yourself depends on your personal choice and fashion trends as well. Beach babes want to choose a swimsuit based on the comfort level they could feel, fashion style, and the amount of body coverage they want. What is swimwear? Generally, we can say it is a type of clothing that is purposefully made for swimming or carrying out activities near water. Bathing suits are commonly used at pools and beaches and they are made of lightweight, breathable and fast-drying fabrics. There are two main categories for swimwear, which are called one-piece and two-piece (also known as bikini sets). These two major groups are further classified in plenty of styles. A lot of brands are now making their designer swimwear according to body type and fashion trends. 

A summary of Swimwear Styles

As we discussed earlier, the best swimwear that flatters the body perfectly depends on a lot of points, such as style preference and fashion sense. This blog post will help you to decide what you want to pick up. The type of swimwear you put on depends on the situation you might be in. The tan lines you develop show the type of swimwear you selected. For example, a side-tie two-piece gives more exposure to legs as compared to hipster, which provides much coverage. You can select a swimwear of your own choice that ranges from a strappy one with ruffles, modern swimwear, to women bikini tops that look classic and chic.

Variety of One-Piece Swimwear

A one-piece swimwear typically provides more coverage to the whole midsection and a different amount of coverage to the lower body. One-piece swimwear is the type of suit worn by ladies and girls for swimming in the pool or the sea, playing water sports, or other activity at the beach such as sunbathing. One-piece swimwear is available in plenty of styles and designs and beach lovers could select the one that hugs their bodies in the best way. For example, cover-ups are one form of a one-piece that you can wear outside water. If you are looking for a swimsuit with a deep neckline, V-neck one-piece swimwear is the one that gives you a gorgeous and attractive look. Monokinis are swimsuits with top and bottom connected, but give less coverage to the midsection. Strapless is a one-piece that does not have straps or sleeves and covers the neck area just below the collar bone, helping to give you a classy look.

Variety of Swimwear tops

Swimwear tops offer a different degree of coverage to the upper trunk. Bikini tops are considered the most popular ones. A designer made a variety of tops and still, new designs and styles are introduced. Some of the famous types of tops are bandeau tops, cutouts, halter tops, longline, tankini, and triangle tops. Bandeau tops are the most acceptable one among beach babes. They are similar to a crop-top, sometimes provide coverage to the upper part of the body, and sometimes expand down. Another type of top is cutouts. This swimwear has cutout parts somewhere in the middle, designed to cover the flaws by diverting the attention to some other part of the body. A halter top is a form of bikini top that has ties that go from the front of the chest towards the back of your neck. All of them create a beautiful and eye-catchy look.

 Variety of Swimsuit Bottoms

A variety of bikini bottoms are designed nowadays. Choosing the right style that gives a chic look and comfort can be a bit tricky. Some of the different styles of swimwear bottoms will help you to select the best one according to your need. Different types of swimwear bottoms are cheeky bottoms, jammers, swim briefs, thongs, and trunks. Cheeky bottoms are the ones with a medium cut between your legs and bum, which help to give more coverage to the backside than shorts. High-waist bikini bottom sometimes reaches to the belly button and just below it. Paring it with a high-neck swim top provides full coverage and creates a classy beach look. Swim briefs come with tight-fitting that cover the hips and leave the thighs bare while jammers come down to the mid-thighs. Trunks come with loose-fitting creating a casual look and can be used as a bathing suit for pools or the beach.

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