Silk sarees are the most demanding and recommended sarees in all. Over the world. Because it is the most comfortable and evergreen in the fashion industry. Silk stuff is made over you like a young girl that’s why most women prefer to wear the silk saree. Silk stuff gives a better shape to the figure. In silk saree, women look decent, young and more above rich.If you are interested to buy sarees online, just visit

There are many variates of silk sarees. You’d try out one.

1-Assam silk saree.

Assam silk saree has bright and lightweight features on it. Everyone women want at least one Assam saree in her attire. This saree takes almost two months to complete its hand made saree. This is not too much expensive as a patola saree. There are more categories of Assam silk saree.

  1. Eri silk saree of Assam
  2. Assam pat silk saree
  3. The Muga silk saree

2- Art silk saree

This saree is made up of synthetic fibre and bamboo silk. This saree is less expensive than all others. This is an artificial silk saree introduced in the 1890s. It is artificial because it’s made up of artificial silk( nylon, rayon). This is silkier than other silk sarees. It becomes famous in no time.

3- Banarasi silk saree

 This represents richness and noble once. It is also part of brides attire. Most girls wear this at their weddings. Banarasi sarees are made up of goldwork. These are the most demanding sarees at weddings. These sarees are a combination of silk, organza, and zari. These are much costly.

4- Baluchari saree

Baluchari sarees origin from Baluchar. This was the most award-winning saree in 2009-10. These are famous saree because of their palu. Its palu was designed by mythological scene. It is made from cocoons and silkworms. They are also costly.

5- Bomkai silk saree

It’s also called some puri saree. This saree usually wear to fashion shows, events or launch shows. This is designed as fish motifs waves symbol of success. Hence it’s modern as well as traditional.

6- Tussar silk saree

 This is most cheaper silk and you can wear it in any warm place on earth. Tussar saree is also known as Bhagalpur saree. It is most famous in the countryside.

Hence these are some varieties of silk sarees. You should try out one as your own choice. You can also order silk sarees online.  Sarees make you more sensible and give you an efficient look. For looking young, slim and decent you should try one of these. Because silk is made up of natural silkworms. And silk is soo smooth in every season. You can wear it anytime. Silk stuff is the best stuff for your sarees. Doctors also recommend silk stuff over others. Silk is very useful for arthritis its help to regulate the oxygen and blood level. Without a saree your wardrobe is like an empty can pack. You must have a try at least one saree.

Final thoughts : Sarees have many varieties buy silk saree is the one of most demanding and recommended saree ever. Silk saree has more varieties you can choose one of them according to your occasion.