Arthritis can severely affect many people in different demographics. Though there are different kinds of arthritis supplements available, proper diet and exercise can also keep the problem from getting worse.  Arthritis is commonly experienced by the elderly or those who have jobs that require manual dexterity. Worldwide, it is estimated that about 350 million people suffer from different forms of arthritis. 

The pain caused by arthritis is sometimes enough to hinder a person from doing normal tasks. It typically affects the tissues around the joints so mobility is the number one problem for many people suffering from this condition. While arthritis is typically used to describe around 200 conditions that affect the joints, there are 2 most common types of arthritis and they are as follows: 

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Considered as a form of chronic autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis causes the immune system to attack the joints. It often manifests around the hands and feet and causes them to swell. In severe conditions, rheumatoid arthritis can also affect internal organs which can be highly detrimental to the person’s health. Tiny lumps called rheumatoid nodules can also manifest on the skin in some cases. This is why taking the proper medicine and arthritis supplements is a must in order to avoid the further development of the disease.


Osteoarthritis is the result of overusing your joints which is why it is the most common form of arthritis that affects the elderly and those who work in manual labor jobs. When the cartilage in between our joints wears out due to over usage, it begins to rub against one another causing pain to the people who suffer from this condition. Osteoarthritis can also affect those with obesity since the bones are constantly under a lot of pressure. 

Foods That Can Help with Arthritis

Though there are many different kinds of arthritis supplements, there are also plenty of natural remedies that can ease the discomfort brought by this condition. The first step should begin with changing your diet and eating the right types of food. If you wish to incorporate them into your diet, read on as we’ve listed 3 of the most common foods that can help fight arthritis. 

  • Omega-3 Rich Foods
  • Fatty fish like salmon and tuna are rich in omega-3 and vitamin D. These types of fish can help reduce inflammation which is a common complication brought on by arthritis. Another option is to regularly take fish-oil capsules which are considered an ideal type of arthritis supplement. 
  • Green Tea Leaves
  • Green tea is known to contain ingredients that are effective when it comes to fighting the production of chemicals that lead to inflammation. Some studies have also been conducted to suggest that these ingredients can prevent cartilage from breaking down or wearing out. 
  • Different Kinds of Berries
  • Berries are great sources of anti-oxidants and they are known to efficiently fight inflammation. This is because some varieties of berries contain an anti-inflammatory substance called anthocyanins. Eating snacks that contain pure raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries are ideal forms of arthritis supplements.