A Mermaid Dress

If you have an hourglass figure, you may want to consider a mermaid style dress for your formal event. The elegant mermaid formal dress styles are perfect for a woman with curves who is not afraid to flaunt them. The mermaid style dress can accentuate your curves and ensure you make an excellent impression when you arrive. There are many different options available for this style of dress.

A One Should Dress

You may also want to consider getting a beautiful one-shoulder a-line prom dress from Peaches Boutique or from your nearest dress stores for the formal occasion to make you look sophisticated and elegant. This dress style is suitable for almost all body shapes, and there are lots of options available when shopping for formal dresses. They are highly popular, which means almost all dress designers will have a one-shoulder dress in their collection, so there is plenty from which you can choose.

A Full Sleeved Formal Dress

Another style of dress that is an excellent choice for formal events is a full sleeved dress. It is an excellent choice when the event you are attending is in the colder months, as it will help keep you warm, while remaining looking sophisticated. These styles of dresses are often figure hugging and are available in various sizes. If you get one that does not fit correctly, you will want to have it altered before your event to ensure it hugs your figure and looks fantastic when you wear it.

A Half-Sleeved Dress

If the event you are attending is in the warmer months of the year, you can consider a half sleeved formal dress for your event. They are similar to a full-sleeved dress, and the only difference is the length of the sleeves. Again, these are often figure-hugging dresses, and for them to look their best, you need to ensure it fits snugly, so you may need to get it altered.

A Little Black Dress

Every lady should have a little black number in their wardrobe, and this is a type of dress that you can wear for any occasion, including formal events. You will want to ensure it is not too short, so get one with a reasonable hemline, and the neckline will depend on how much cleavage you have or want to show off. It is a dress suitable for all occasions, and when you do not know what to wear, this dress can be the perfect answer for you.