Different Approaches Connected With Kundli Milan

Kundli matching is a highly prevalent step taken before marriage. Millions of people have great faith in this process and its ability to ensure a happy and satisfying marriage. Kundli Milan is a process that involves checking for gunas or qualities between the couple to ascertain the success rate of their marriage. Furthermore, it is performed by highly qualified astrologers who are skilled in reading the charts.

In this article, we will be looking at the different approaches to Kundli matching and the role it plays in the lives of people.

Why should you consider Kundli matching?

Marriage is considered one of the most important aspects of a person’s life. Especially nowadays, when everything happens in a rush, almost instantly, a wedding should be given enough thought and consideration beforehand. Hence, Kundli matching is something that has been practiced in the Hinduism religion before marriage to get a clearer understanding of the inner dynamics of the wedding in the future. Firstly, Kundli Milan can help understand if the couple is compatible or not. Furthermore, it checks for other qualities like a match in their ideals, thinking, personality, attitude, etc.

This process revolves around studying the motion and placements of the heavenly bodies, including the planets and stars, and how they have an influence on our mood, attitude, personality, and the future happenings in our life. Kundli matching should not be considered a hack or a solution for a long and happy marriage. Instead, it is more like a preview of what the wedding might look like several years down the line. You can get an idea of the more substantial aspects of your marriage and the areas that might need improvement. Moreover, it can also provide you with effective remedies to remove the dosh in your Kundli.

Can Kundli matching be helpful in love marriages?

Nowadays, an exceeding number of people lean towards marrying the person of their own choice, after having spent a considerable time with them. The concept of love marriage is very prevalent in our society, and the latest generation prefers to do a love marriage over a traditional arranged marriage. In a love marriage, the bride and the groom are familiar with a lot of aspects of each other, unlike in arranged marriage. They are aware of each other’s personalities, attitudes, desires, likes, dislikes, and much more. So, is Kundli Milan necessary in such a case?

According to astrologers, it is beneficial in love marriages as well, as it can provide important information about their compatibility as a married couple. Kundli matching does not deal with the love life of a couple alone, but also other aspects like their professional lives, their relationship with their children, the financial compatibility, and their match or mismatch in ideals, morals, perspectives, etc. thus, whether the marriage is arranged or love type, Kundli matching can prove to be crucial in both the cases.

What are the approaches to Kundli matching?

There are two main approaches of types of Kundli matching that you should know –

  1. Guna Milan or matching of the qualities – It is also known as ashtakoot Kundli matching. It includes 36 points that are divided among 8 compatibility aspects in a married couple’s life. It is conventionally based on the placement of the moon.
  2. Dashakoot Kundli matching – this approach of Kundli matching involves 10 aspects. These 10 factors are based on which the compatibility analysis is done, known as kootams. This method is also known as Porutham matching.

Both of these methods of Kundli matching are performed by qualified Vedic astrologers. Moreover, now you can get your Kundli matched even on the several online software available. They can provide you with an in-depth report of your marriage compatibility and if there are any dosh or abnormalities in your Kundli. You can also get simple remedies or perform rituals to remove these negative influences for a long and happy married life.

Final word

As you can see, Kundi matching is still a prevalent practice in the Hindu culture. Even though it is not backed by any scientific explanations or proof, a lot of people have unbreakable faith in it. It is a process of predicting the compatibility between couples after marriage and forces of nature that will influence their married lives. It can play a huge role in determining the success of a marriage and how long it can sustain. Furthermore, astrologers can also predict if there are any dosh or undesirable deviances in Kundli that can potentially cause any problems in the marriage and suggest remedies to overcome them. Hence, it can be concluded that whether it’s an arranged or love marriage, Kundli matching is critical.