Whether you live on the seaside or in the city, a coastal-inspired interior is attractive. Much like being on the beach, it provides a calm and relaxing feeling- exactly how home should feel.

Here are some things to consider to get you started on your coastal interior.

Stick to White and Other Neutral Colours

The aim is to reflect as much of the white sandy beaches in your home as possible. Therefore, the colour white should dominate your home. That is, the walls and cabinets should be painted white. This white colour is what will make your home feel large and airy.

To complement the white colour while still keeping it calm, incorporate some neutral-coloured furniture. The neutral colours could include nudes, beiges, light blues, and soft greys.

Incorporate Natural Wooden Pieces

A touch of rustic wood gives a more natural seaside shack aesthetic. Get a few pieces of wooden furniture, whether in raw, weathered, or stained form.

It is also best to have your sofas and seats upholstered in natural fabrics that enhance the theme. Consider linen and cotton for that purpose.

Keep the Home Bright and Airy

To create the perfect coastal atmosphere, it is best to keep your home as minimalistic as possible. Coastal-inspired houses are characterised by many open spaces that make them spacious. Avoid too much furniture as it clutters your space. Additionally, if possible, have an open-plan setting.

To bring in more light, consider installing large glass windows and doors. In addition, use sheers instead of curtains to maintain light flow.

Bring the Beach to Your Home

You need to incorporate some coastal accessories into your home décor for a more natural feel. Think of items such as shells, corals, driftwood ornaments, and eucalyptus. You can display them on the walls or use coastal displays such as woven baskets.  You can also add some woven wall hangings as accessories.

Even so, ensure that you don’t overdo it with the accessories. Keep it simple with just a few touches here and there.

Coastal-Inspired Artwork

Your décor isn’t complete without some pieces of art. Your choice of artwork should be a reflection of the coast. You could have paintings or photos of sea-related items such as palm trees or seascapes. To add some extra effect, make use of washed-back picture frames.

Coastal-Inspired Pillows

To add some pop of coastal colours, get some pillows in shades of blue or green. The pillow designs can be patterned or have coastal prints. This aspect adds some life to the white and neutral tones displayed in the rest of the home. You can spread out the pillows in the house by placing them on both sofas and beds.

While blues and greens are the recommended colours, you can play around with other bright colours that reflect the coast. For example, orange and yellow, which represent the sun.

Rugs and Carpets

Your rugs and carpets should also be within the nautical theme, featuring blue, white, and neutral colours. The ideal rug designs include stripes or simple vintage patterns. You can also choose rugs with seaside prints that depict plants found in the sea.

Flowers and Plants

To complete the design, incorporate some flowers and plants. They make it feel more natural and add a touch of freshness. Get a coastal-themed vase to place the flowers. You can also consider using Pampas grass, a low-maintenance yet stylish option.

Wrapping Up

Creating your coastal-inspired home should be a breeze with these considerations in mind. Put together what works for you and your home. Feel free to be adventurous but remember, less is more.