Dental Implants in Mumbai

Due to the advanced technology in the medical field, it is now possible to treat multiple injuries and diseases. It has even become easier to restore the teeth by the process of dental implants. As under the teeth replacement process, you can replace your teeth with dental implants if your teeth have been broken due to accident or lost due to ageing.

In this article, you will learn about some of the major benefits of full mouth implants. However, you may also go for a single-tooth implant. However, it is also recommended to the dental implant specialist in Mumbai.

Moreover, we will also discover the benefits of full mouth dental implants in Mumbai. But, before understanding the major benefits of dental implants, you must understand what the dental implant is? And what are its components?

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a screw-like titanium post inserted surgically into the jawbone, which bonds with it and becomes a strong foundation for your dental crown (artificial teeth). The dental replacement also preserves the structure of bones in the mouth. 

What are the components of dental implants?

The dental implants have three components:

  • The upper part is called the “Dental crown.”
  • The middle part which connects the implant with natural teeth is called an “Abutment.”
  • The lower part is a screw-like “Post” that bonds with the jawbone and becomes the dental foundation.

Major benefits of full mouth implant in Mumbai

  • Maximum success rate: 

The dental implants made up of titanium are long-lasting. It doesn’t require periodic replacement, which generally comes with bridges or dentures. It can last up to 30 years if maintained with oral hygiene.

  • A Perfect Match For Your Natural Teeth

The doctor’s use a perfect match for every patient’s teeth. However, the implants have different sizes and shapes. The dentists work hard to find the perfect match for your teeth, so that it’s become difficult to differentiate. The secret will be only between you and your dentist.

  • The bite force is restored.

You will chew or bite the meal products or even hard food materials like apple and guava with the same energy level as natural teeth.

The dental implants in Mumbai are inserted into the jaw bone with a screw-like post made up of titanium. 

That is why you can restore your bite force, as it is one of the strongest materials for making dental implants. However, dental implants are also made up of gold alloy, stainless steel and many other materials. On the other hand, the teeth replacement alternatives are not capable of restoring such strength.

  • It does not make changes in the shape of the patient’s face

Since dental implants are fitted naturally by professional dental surgeons, it does not make changes in the shape of the patient’s face. Instead, it maintains or retains your natural facial expressions. For example, you might have observed that when a person loses their teeth, his facial structure changes like an older man. But, with the help of dental implants, it is possible to retain your facial structure as natural.

  • Natural Vocal Sound

The dental implant technique is highly preferred because it helps maintain the patient’s natural vocal sound and normal speech. However, some of the teeth replacement techniques can affect your ability to pronounce correctly. 

You might have observed that sometimes a missing tooth or gap in between the teeth can also alter the pronunciation but, a full mouth dental implant does not change your speech quality. You may feel weird only for a few days, like 3-7 days. But, after that, it will retain your natural voice and facial expressions too.

  • No cavity

Since it is not an original or natural tooth, you will not need to worry about cavities in your teeth. However, it also requires care and cleaning to protect it from bacteria that may cause infections in your mouth. Dental implants are composed of material that will never decay.

  • Easy caring

You might be surprised to know that dental implants need less care than even a natural tooth. You can use a normal brush & floss that you usually use in your daily use. There is no need for any special care. You don’t need to purchase any specific products for care, especially for your implants. It doesn’t require any adhesive, cleansing tablets etc

  • Fumble or miss pronounce

You might have observed that many patients feel conscious when public speaking when they have used any artificial teeth, but in the case of a dental implant, you don’t need to worry about anything while laughing, public speaking, anchoring or reporting. This technique will never make you embarrassed.

To Sum Up

The dental implant for a full mouth is cost-effective and the permanent Solution for a broken tooth or lost teeth due to ageing. It never needs to be replaced again and again. It has long durability and can last a long life.