Delicious Braces Friendly Food Ideas for Your Teen

Did you know that around 4 million people in the United States wear braces?

It’s no secret that eating healthy is crucial to your well-being. But if your teen has braces, that’s not all that matters.

Eating healthy foods will help them grow in their culinary craft. It’ll also help them try new things and avoid getting cavities.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for delicious braces friendly food ideas. Without further ado, here are some foods you should serve your child with braces.

Scrambled Eggs

When eating with braces, eggs are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, making them great for a balanced diet. They can be cooked quickly and easily, making them an ideal snack or breakfast as they can be made in just a few minutes. They are also relatively gentle on braces, as they can be devoured without putting too much strain on them.

Add diced veggies such as peppers, mushrooms, spinach, grated cheese, and a dash of low-fat milk to make them more exciting and tasty. This will keep your teen happy and provide them with essential nutrients.


Oatmeal can make a delicious and braces-friendly food for teens that will please their taste buds and orthodontists. It is nutrient-dense, and you can enjoy it for breakfast or as an easy afternoon snack. Teens can top their oatmeal with healthy, nutritious, and crunchy ingredients.

Teens can also mix their oatmeal with yogurt or milk to make a creamy breakfast bowl to add even more variety. Oatmeal is an easy and inexpensive way for teens to enjoy something hearty and delicious without compromising the health of their teeth and braces.


Kids should avoid nuts, seeds, crunchy vegetables, and grains like couscous or barley when making soups for braces. However, there are still plenty of options!

Try a soup with soft vegetables such as zucchini, tomatoes, and bell peppers. Or make a creamy cauliflower and chickpea soup with the base of nut milk and vegetable stock.

Soft Vegetables

A plate of steamed carrots is a colorful option, and adding a few tablespoons of butter can make it even tastier. Roasted squash sprinkled with parmesan cheese, garlic, and herbs are easy yet flavorful. Pureed sweet potatoes with a bit of maple syrup can make a nutritious side dish and can also be used as a topping for toast.

Corn on the cob with butter, salt, and pepper can be an enjoyable way to enjoy vegetables. Teenagers should cook vegetables for a few minutes longer than usual to ensure that vegetables remain soft.

Mashed Potatoes

It is a soft, creamy dish that can easily be mashed with a fork, making it an ideal option for those with braces. There are so many delicious topping options for mashed potatoes as well. Serve your mashed potatoes with a savory topping like cheese, bacon, or green onions for a tasty alternative.

Knowing these foods can help you maintain your braces in good condition. But looking for a trusted dental clinic will bring you the best dental care and learn more about orthodontic tips.

Choose the Best Braces Friendly Food for Your Needs

Overall, braces friendly food items are available to make it easier for teens. It is to maintain a nutritious diet and stick to their orthodontic treatment plan.

With these delicious ideas, teens can easily integrate these into their daily meals or snacks. See your dentist or orthodontist today to determine what foods are right for your orthodontic treatment!

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