Defining Abstract Realism Art and Paintings

 Abstract art does not depict reality. The variety of colors and different shapes do not depict our everyday world. Abstract art is far from our usual narrative. It is far from reality. You can also title abstract art as anything that the conscious mind cannot perceive.  Artists use this as an escape from the real world. Abstract realism art and paintings show yourself and your personality on a canvas. It is something that cannot be easily deciphered. Diana Roy Artist was an exceptional Canadian artist of her time who included many art techniques in her journey.  

Several of her pieces showcase how art has no boundaries. These stunning pieces are available in her gallery, where you can also buy art online in Canada.  Chris Nelson is a famous artist known for abstract art paintings. He once stated how he wanted to depict emotions that touch the audience from afar. He used simple materials and painted objects that did not alter their

original shape and orientation.  Why did he do this? Because he wanted to allow, the viewers to draw their conclusions based on what they see. Things should not be straightforward in art. Rather, they should have a deep meaning which translates differently for every art admirer. 

What is Realism? 

Realism is the opposite of abstract art. It depicts reality. Shows things exactly as they are. It is far away from imagination.  Accepting things without dramatizing them is realism. Choosing to live practically and rejecting fables would make you a realist. Being a realist is better than being optimistic. You should know not everything has a positive outcome. Realism is the balance between good and bad. Taking the world as it is, not as the image inside your head, is called realism. In art, anything can be portrayed. The negative traits of the world and the positive. Realism depicts both. In renaissance times, we see artists depicting the worst of this world. Their paintings deliver the true horror that those times carried.  In contrast, many artists also seem to translate positive onto the canvas in those times. Paintings that depicted nature and harmony are highlights of the old art period too. 

Abstract Realism

When you mix these two worlds; Realism and Abstract art, the outcome is Abstract realism. Abstract art is made of lines, shapes, colors, etc. Up close, they might not make sense, but your perception changes if you view them from afar. You start to make out where that line or shape met its partners to connect it to reality.  The image could be of a person, a place, or anything imaginable.

It might consist of different shapes and lines. Up close, they might seem pointless, but together they form an image connecting to reality. Using abstract realism, you bring things to life that aren’t visible to the naked eye but are very real. You show your mental state or depict what your unconscious mind holds within. 

Sometimes, both aspects can be covered in one canvas. Maybe you look at a photograph, and you see grass surrounding a beautiful landscape, but when you step closer, it changes to something else, far from reality. Abstract realism art and paintings hold power to showcase different scenarios simultaneously. 

Why people don’t grasp the concept of Abstract Art

Have you ever looked at a painting in a museum and asked yourself, “Why?” We’ve done that quite a lot too. Usually, we tend to overlook the things we don’t get at first glance. Abstract art is very closely related to life; messed up yet beautiful.   As Piet Mondrian said, “Abstract art is not the creation of another reality, but the true vision of reality.” Not everyone gets abstract art, and that is the beauty of it.

Buy Art Online Canada

Diana Roy encompassed the concept of art realism and paintings in her five decades as an artist. Though she did not get the recognition she deserved, her art pieces are a treat for art enthusiasts around the globe. 

You can admire her artwork on her online gallery and buy them at affordable prices.