Data science

Data Science refers to the field where valuable knowledge or information is generated from raw data which has been collected through various forms of process, tools, technology and algorithms. Data science helps in making strategic decisions in the company and helps in managing the data in a much easier form. It helps in generating new opportunities in the market and helps in entering a new market with successful campaigns. 

Since the Business and IT industry are dealing with a large amount of data on a day-to-day basis, data science helps in sorting out the data according to the knowledge which is required and will help in planning and forecasting. Due to this reason it’s in a greater demand, so get your Data Science certification in Malaysia. It is also used for analyzing the market trends and for the development of the products produced by a company. 

Data Science Career Overview

Why choose a career in Data Science?

Since the world is evolving, the data is increasing along with it. As the data increases it would be hard for a person to manually look over the information and transform it into the desired information which can be useful for an organization. A data scientist is a term referred to a person who practices data science. 

The role of the data scientist in a company is very important and it is a very demanding position. That has a lot of control over a variety of team in an organization. As the data scientists are supposed to provide accurate and relevant knowledge. Which will be able to predict the company’s status in the market in turn. 

Tools and techniques used in data science, or by a data scientist, to derive the desired knowledge are as follows:

  1. Data Mining: It refers to the process where a large amount of data is examined to generate new information
  1. Big Data analysis: This refers to the process where varied data sets are examined to find patterns and trends in the market. And to understand the customer’s preference which can be useful for an organization. While they are planning the operations and marketing of a product.
  1. Data extraction: It refers to the process of extracting information from various sources and platforms for further use.
  1. Data retrieval: It refers to the process where particular information or data is being recalled. To solve a query presented by the data scientist or by an application.
  1. Data warehousing: This process refers to the collection of data into segments. Which can be further used by a company for their own benefits.
  1. Machine Learning: It is an application based on artificial intelligence which helps software in learning information. And providing the customers with an improved version of customer relationship (based on the information acquired).
  1. Data engineering: The process of preparing the big data for further application by the data scientist.

The data scientist will be able to turn raw data into knowledgeable information. With the help of the above-mentioned tools and techniques. This will be further used to create plans for increasing the profit margin of the company and will be useful at every step for an organization. The data scientist will be able to convert the unstructured data into structure. And segmented data with algorithms made with having the desired result in mind. 


These questions are asked during an interview for the position of data scientist. There are some many terms and concepts in the field of data science. And every day you will see someone coming up with a new term and concept. It is hard to keep up with each and every terminology but the forums and online groups can be helpful in this case. 
To crack an interview for data scientist position you should have the knowledge. All about the Tools, techniques and algorithms commonly used in data science. And should be open to learning new tool that comes up with time. While getting Data Science certification in Malaysia Databyte will cover all those techniques. You should have a positive attitude & affinity towards learning and enjoying data science. Only then you will be able to showcase the best of your talent to the organization and to the company’s clients.


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