Deck Maintenance Checklist for Homeowners & DIYers

You may adore your wooden deck and would love for it to stay the way it is forever, but did you know it can chip, rot, warp, and splinter over time if not maintained properly? 

A well-maintained timber deck has the potential to keep your outdoors warm, inviting, and natural-looking for many years, but on the other hand, a timber deck that is not cared for is vulnerable to mould attacks, excessive splintering, and rotting over time. 

If you’re unsure of the wood type or maintenance it requires, please reach out to your Orange County deck builders for advice or seek professional help

Your deck can be made of best quality timber, it still needs regular upkeep. But this doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars on maintaining your deck. There are easy ways to care for your timber deck without breaking your bank balance. 

Inspect your Deck Regularly

I am sure you have heard that, due diligence never harms. You have heard it right.  

The key to having a healthy-looking wooden deck is to inspect it regularly. Look for any early signs of rotting or chipping. Be sure to inspect the wood in places where board meets the side of your house and where the stairs contact the ground. Inspecting your deck regularly will allow you to spot dangers at an early stage (while you can still fix them). A structurally sound deck will not only keep your home healthy but also offer you and your family plenty of safe space to enjoy. 

Regular Cleaning in Essential

Keeping the boards in your timber deck clean is one of the most important parts of caring for your deck. Since your deck is out in the open and is most exposed to extreme climate conditions like rain and storm, it needs regular cleaning. It is recommended to keep the deck swept clear, especially when leaves are falling in the autumn season. Any organic debris left for long can begin to decompose and become acidic, thereby damaging your deck. Call a professional for deep cleaning, and when you schedule it make sure to move all your furniture, plants, toys, and everything else your deck has been bearing. Schedule the cleaning when the climate is mild, typically during late spring or early summers. 

If you’re considering deck cleaning as your next DIY project, make sure you know everything about the wood used for decking beforehand. Different types of wood require different types of maintenance. If you’re cleaning an extremely dirty wood space, mix your cleaning solution with less water and more concentrated cleaner. This technique has proven to be very effective for long-neglected decks. You might have questions like “Can I paint cedar wood?” or “What type of wood is best for decking?” Click here to see more information on how to look after your deck.

Seal the Deck to Protect it

Sealing your deck is a great way to ensure you give your deck the best protection against harsh climatic conditions. Sealants are primarily used to protect against moisture damage. The good quality sealants contain waterproof properties and have a thicker viscosity than stains. Sealants lack pigmentation and generally provide less UV protection than stains.

As mentioned earlier, your method of deck preservation will depend on the type of wood used in the decking. If you’re unsure of the wood type or maintenance it requires, please reach out to your builder for advice or seek professional help.