Dating apps watch out for these 4 types of profiles

Ok, you’ve found an interesting nickname, figured out how to choose a profile picture that suits you, and wrote a perfect bio. All you have to do is start your search for a soul mate on the app you just downloaded. Consider this app if you are interested. You shrug your shoulders a bit and you finally feel like you’ve found someone attractive. What do you notice first The eyes Maybe the smile If so, I have bad news for you you risk getting burned. When we meet a person in the real world, focusing on the physical details is inevitable. A gesture, a particular movement can say a lot about who we are in front of. On dating apps or sites, however, there is something else you should look at! What is it 

The description

Of course, appearance matters too, but the words a person chooses to introduce themselves say more than you might think. You may not know it, but there are real types of profiles you might come across. And some hide bad surprises!

The 4 profiles to watch

1. Explicit

This is the profile of those who do not get lost in the chat. Maybe the nickname will be Looking for adventure tonight, and of course also in the bio everything will be openly said who is looking, when and where. It will therefore be obvious from us not to expect anything more than what is written in the profile. They will probably be users who are looking for escapes from an unsatisfying daily life, often they are fragile people who will be ephemeral, not very passionate, emotionally cold and who need attention in the encounter. It is forbidden to fall in love.

2. Suspicious  

It is the profile that first describes what it cannot find. Some examples Unfortunately still there, no one capable of making me lose my head, waiting for the good one I’m wasting time with the bad ones or stay away from human cases. These profiles often hide people disappointed in love, who spend many hours online in the hope of finding romantic love. They often crave affection and attention, and as soon as they come into contact with a person, they can become talkative. In the meeting, they turn out to be complex and in a short time they develop an addiction. Avoid if you don’t want to commit.

3. Generalist

Under this definition are inserted all the profiles that, although filled, are as if they were empty. These are the profiles in which generic characteristics are inserted (such as the Instagram classics #pizzalover and #sport) that often do not arouse interest and are boring. Behind these bios hide people who don’t take themselves too seriously and prefer to go unnoticed rather than being in the spotlight. This is a profile that is very popular with confidential people, so it will be important to set up a discovery path that is not too intrusive.

4. Intriguing

Few words put in the right direction, concise and not insignificant. This profile suggests what he is looking for but does not explain it, he does not openly declare that he is already in a relationship but not even that he is free, in short, he leaves a lot of room for interpretation and ‘imagination.

We are facing a person who knows the instrument very well and knows how to use it best. She is probably looking for ego satisfaction, feeling coveted and desired, rather than looking for something real.

Beware of overt narcissists.

Also in this case we raise the level of custody they are interesting and often pleasant people, but if we find that we are talking to a person with this profile, cut off our fingertips and stop the conversation immediately!