Practically everyone should practice a regular backup and data protection maintenance routine from network managers in large companies to home PC users, we all need to know how to back up our precious data and protect it from being lost in the ether forever.

What would happen if one day your computer was infected with a virus or your hard drive can stop working? Are you prepared? If you are then that is when you will thank yourself that your computer information has been securely stored on a backup.

Take steps to protect your data before a disaster happens, don’t wait until your hard drive gets corrupted or infected.

Don’t get caught short act now! Sourcing the right data backup and protection solution that is right for you can be confusing, specially, when you taking backup to solve outlook error [pii_email_21c137e6a0408e619c6c].

Microsoft outlook need extra cares so you must have backup first, before start process to solve this outlook PII error.

The right solution will depend on your needs, i.e. what you need to backup and how do you want it stored? You may want to store it online or on a dedicated external hard drive, or you may have a network of computers that you need to backup daily.

Today it can be difficult to choose the right backup solution that you need. Not because they are difficult to find, but because there are too many of them.

What should you backup?

Here are some suggestions for personal use scenarios:

Personal use PC user Backup

Your data is vital and you don’t want to lose it, you are dependent on it for your work or for your personal record keeping.

Presuming you have a broadband connection, as most people today do, then an online backup service might be right for you. This has become an easy solution which is both cheap and convenient.

If you need to have your data easily accessible and you can’t afford to have it down for long periods of time should the worst happen, a hard disk image backup solution might be right for you? You can make a backup of your hard disk. Store the backup on to another external hard drive.

If the disk happens to crash, you replace it with a new hard disk, use the boot disk and restore the whole hard disk back from the backup media. No need to restore Window from scratch saving you time and keeping you’re saved Windows configuration unchanged.

Understanding the Basics of Data Backup

There are many ways to backup data, for someone who does not normally do it or just wants to cover the basics there are a few things to consider. First, don’t feel the need to overdo it, you can get by with a little and gain a lot. 
Data backup can be as simple as a CD Rom or USB thumb drive, to an online service that can be had for free or a few bucks a month. 

Often people have the belief that they need to go all out and backup everything when that just isn’t needed.

CD’s can be had in bulk of 25 and data can be backed up as needed, much of what is required for back up is documents and spread sheets that do not change that often. 

You can store just a few documents, those that are most important and if needed easily restored lost data or access it from almost any computer.

USB thumb drives act very much like a CD, however you can rewrite and remove data as needed, can have more storage space and is much smaller and can be carried on a key chain. 

One issue with them is the common habit of not using them to backup data, but storing documents or other information.

Whereas, you should store the data on your computer and use the thumb drive to carry backup data. 

Thumb drives are easily breakable so data can be lost; if that does happen there are companies that can recover lost data for a reasonable price.

Online storage companies provide a service that simply and affordably, sometimes free for 2 GB of information Att Mail Login.  

You can set a data backup point and time and forget about it, nothing too hard about that. 

This is a great option if your data storage needs are a little more robust and are often pointed in the same direction.

Manypeople will also purchase and use an external hard drive, which acts in the same way as your internal hard drive. 

You will not need a hard drive the same size as your internal one, get one smaller that covers your needs. 

The need to recover lost data may not cross your mind, especially if you are an average or casual computer user. 


However, should you lose data you will quickly understand why the need to backup is so critical.

Take time to do a minimal backup as needed, you will be glad you did.