The platform uses a combination of the X11 hashing algorithm and the DarkGravityWave mechanism, which makes the complexity change smoothly. The current reward per block is 1.55 coins.

Pools and Cranes

Coins can be mined on CPUs and GPUs. The latter are used more often. GPUs on the X11 algorithm require almost 50% less energy compared to the Scrypt protocol.

DASH cryptocurrency is not protected from ASIC devices, so mining on expensive equipment is available and even profitable. But for now, the complexity allows you to mine tokens on affordable devices, which is a definite advantage.

Use profitability calculators to calculate mining efficiency.

In addition to solo mining, many users prefer pools. Combining the power allows you to mine blocks much more often and get rewarded. For using a pool, you will be charged a certain percentage (usually it is 1-3% of the payout).

Here are some mining pools for DASH:

  • MinerGate: The service allows for mixed mining as well as mining via mobile phone.
  • Antpool: Chinese service with servers located all over the world. You can mine coins “solo” or via cloud mining.
  • ZPool: The commission varies from 0.8 to 2%. Funds are paid every 4 hours. The pool cooperates with well-known cryptocurrency exchanges, including Bittrex, Poloniex, LiveCoin.
  • Suprnova: The pool offers mining of more than 40 cryptocurrencies. There is no commission for mining DASH.

Choose a pool with special attention. Choose only trusted services with high ratings and many years of experience. There are a lot of fishing resources and pools which delay payments.

The website lists P2Pool pools for Dash mining in your country, just choose a pool with favorable payment and ping duration and enter your Dash payment wallet address as a username. 

If you don’t already have a Dash wallet, you can easily create one using the online service You will then have access to your funds using this web interface as well as any desktop or mobile wallet that supports Dash cryptocurrency. 

It should be noted that there is no halving in the Dash network. The reward per block is 1.55 Dash, which at the time of writing is just over $97.

Also you can get coins for free by using cranes. You should not expect a large income, but to pay for the Internet or small expenses is quite realistic, if you have time for this.

Best DASH Cranes:

  • Xfaucet: Every 5 minutes pays 60 satoshi dash. A very simple crane with a moderate amount of ad banners.
  • Dash-Faucet: Payouts happen every 60 minutes. You can get up to 0.05 Dash at a time. Instant payments and double confirmation of the captcha.

In fact, there are a lot of DASH cranes, but we made a selection of the most profitable and proven. Some services have so many ads that it takes a few minutes to solve the captcha.

Advantages and disadvantages of DASH

DASH blockchain has a number of advantages:

  • Decentralization. There is no single server that even indirectly touches the transaction process. Any innovations are accepted by collective vote.
  • Anonymity. The network uses mechanisms that do not allow to calculate the personal data of users.
  • The speed of block formation takes only 2.5 minutes. Mining complexity is lower than for the majority of PoW-cryptocurrencies. This allows to get more income with less energy consumption.
  • The authors of the project are interested in its development. Unlike Bitcoin, where all team members remain anonymous, the names of the DASH creators are known and real. Since its creation, the developers have been actively promoting their product.
  • Users can participate in the development of the project by putting forward their ideas and suggestions.
  • Transactions in the network are carried out instantly.
  • Masternodes and miners in the network are equal. This means that it is possible to receive income in at least two ways. The remuneration is evenly distributed.

You should also take into account the disadvantages, although they are not so global as to hinder the development of the project. The weaknesses include:

  • Mistakes were made at the start of the project (instamine), several times the name of the project was changed.
  • There is increasing competition. More and more startups are appearing that exceed DASH in technical characteristics.

Overall, DASH is a full-fledged, competitive and rather expensive cryptocurrency with good prospects.

Prospects for DASH

The project team has taken a serious course to be ahead of other digital assets in cashless payments. In this context, the cryptocurrency has a chance of success. The platform’s two-tiered architecture has facilitated updates and expanded the range of functionalities.

Experts believe that key differences from Bitcoin make DASH its main competitor. Many mistakes were made in the creation of Bitcoin, which DASH developers have corrected. The project has no problems with scalability, anonymity, decentralization and transaction speed. The cryptocurrency has all chances to enter the global offline payment market. 

DASH developers already offer plastic cards that can be used in retail outlets around the world. The coins are automatically converted into the desired currency. The principle is the same as that of VISA and Mastercard payment cards.

Analysts predict a steady growth of DASH in 2022. Another drop is possible if the cryptocurrency market enters stagnation again. But there will be no 100% depreciation of coins, as DASH is backed by limited issuance.

Analyzing the above, we can draw conclusions about the advisability of Dash mining. Despite the instability of the coin’s price this year and a significant decline in its value in recent months, it is very likely that the coin’s rate will soon adopt an upward trend. But keep in mind that cryptocurrencies are unpredictable assets, and often forecasts do not come true.