Dalian Outof-network Backbone Transmission Network Opened Up

The Dalian e-government backbone transmission network built by Ruijie Wi-Fi continues to be formally launched lately. It’s reported the opening ceremony occured on December 29 within the recently completed City Hall Data Center in Dalian. Dai Yulin, Vice Mayor of Dalian and person in the Standing Committee from the Municipal Party Committee, led the outlet ceremony from the new municipal government data center and launched the backbone transmission network of Dalian e-government. To date, this backbone network is working well, serving e-government for over a month.

Dalian’s e-government began early and became one from the models for China today. The whole e-government network construction project is going to be completed within 2 yrs, when greater than 80% of presidency functions is going to be online, and 50% of services is going to be handled online. It is an exhibition project from the chief extranet application and easily serve people online.

Following the research of national and provincial e-government outbound network and also the effective use of e-government outbound network in main metropolitan areas both at home and abroad, Ruijie wireless LAN is promoting a acceptable solution in line with the unique functions of Dalian Civil Matters Office. The entire network adopts a 3-layer architecture User access is split into four different areas, namely: Internet area, intranet area, chief zone resource discussing area and exchange access area. The 4 interregional regions cannot visit one another, and may achieve “horizontal access controllable Isolated vertical access” Core and aggregation switches derive from 100G platform core routing switches. The performance and bandwidth from the entire e-government can meet and guarantee future applications and expansion inside a certain time period. Additionally, the whole e-government network supports IPv6, making certain an even transition towards the IPv6 protocol stack when IPv6 technology reaches a particular stage of development. This shows the benefits of the answer from the technical perspective.

The appropriate person responsible for the municipal government website noticed that the making of Dalian e-government network is really a centralized and unified exterior network platform and application platform for that city’s administration.

Her characteristics of unified standard, perfect function, stable system, safety and reliability, vertical and horizontal interoperability and so forth. Vertically, sometimes it can go to the exterior network from the national and provincial governments, and lower towards the regional network and also the pilot area network For that horizontal direction, it may be attached to the network of municipal administrations. To put it simply, it’s to unify the present websites of municipal (district) gov departments whatsoever levels right into a government matters network platform.

Following the completing the Dalian e-government network, it can effectively promote the network interconnection and resource discussing of presidency matters, and supply a unified e-government network and resource discussing platform for the entire city. It will likewise support social management and social services whatsoever amounts of government (metropolitan areas, districts, counties, pilot areas). E-government services is going to be extended to townships (towns, sub-districts) and villages (communities), making e-government services available to all and eliminating or narrowing the “digital divide”. Using the construction and use of Dalian’s e-government network, the town can standardize the concept of e-government network construction and steer clear of duplication, wrong manufacturing, advanced construction along with other phenomena.