Cycling Bib Shorts: Why You Should Wear Them and How to Choose

In Australia, cycling is a form of recreation, transport, and sport. Additionally, Australians enjoy cycling as it helps them to reduce air pollution and congestion. Plus, it improves their health immensely. Meanwhile, a survey of 2019 states that approximately 3.43 million Australians ride cycles for transportation and recreation purposes. So, if you own a bicycle, you must also own cycling gear. After all, riding a bike is incomplete without the right gear, especially bib shorts. But what are bib shorts?

They are padded cycle shorts with built-in suspenders. The availability of cycling bib shorts in Australia has provided an enjoyable biking experience. But if you are still unconvinced about purchasing them, you can learn about the benefits in this article. And what if choosing the shorts is challenging and daunting? You can also gain some tips and get to know how to choose:

Why Wear Cycling Bib Shorts for Your Bike Rides?

You must have heard your friends and family come up with the term “bib shorts” most often. Well, you might still be wondering the reasons to wear them. So, here are a few reasons that will help you understand the importance:

  1. They Can Hold Your Chamois and Makes Sure It Stays Put

While riding, wearing regular bike shorts must have certainly brought about discomfort, especially during the summers. That’s because the shorts start falling in the heat, making the padded chamois shift places. Due to the shifting, the chamois will not protect you in certain areas as they should. But thanks to the bib shorts, they can hold your chamois and ensure to stay put. 

  1. They Can Keep Your Shorts Up

Since regular shorts can be pulled down, they can expose your back to the wind, and it usually occurs in a low and aerodynamic position of riding. But with the help of the bibs, you can make sure that they keep the shorts up. 

  1. They Don’t Have a Waistband

With a waistband, you might find a drawstring or elastic that digs into the waistline, making you feel uncomfortable. But what if you have the waistband removed? You will be able to breathe effortlessly with less restriction in your middle. And if there are no drawstrings or elastic to hold the shorts, the shoulder straps will provide a firm hold. As a result, you can move around freely, ride a bike and stay comfortable. 

How to Choose Bib Shorts for Your Bike Rides?

Bib shorts are a crucial piece of cycling gear for cyclists. And there are many factors to take into account before purchasing them. So, read further to know a few of them:

  1. Size

While purchasing cycling bib shorts in Australia, you must consider the size. Well, wearing a small bib can halt circulation and ruin your performance. And when it comes to a large bib, it might not fit properly and can make you uncomfortable on your rides. Hence, you must ensure that it must be neither loose nor tight and must fit your body and legs properly. Meanwhile, the perfect size depends upon the length of the legs and the diameter of the thighs. 

  1. Materials

Whether it is summer or winter, you will find shorts for different seasons. So, you can search for peeling-resistant lycra, which is more durable than other cycle shorts. The other material includes ceramic coated lycra that features a beehive design and can reduce abrasion of the skin. 

  1. Season

There are different bib shorts for different seasons. You will find bib shorts for the summer, mid-season and winter. For instance, short summer bibs have a different lycra fabric, thickness, and sun or UV protection features.