8 benefits of counselling for your mental health

Singapore is a multi-ethnic nation with a population of around 5.7 million people. It is a place of diverse culture; you will find Indians, Chinese, Malays in Singapore. The arrival of the Covid-19 has left a mark on Singapore too. We were going through physical pain, but there was mental stress too, and Singapore was no exception.

Due to Covid-19, Singapore has suffered major mental health implications. According to the study, the Samaritans of Singapore, a suicide awareness organisation, had over 39,000 requests for help in 2020, up 18 per cent from the previous year. It has been stated that in this little city-state, one out of every seven persons has had a mental health problem at some point in their lives.

And to help people dealing with mental crises, many counselling services in Singapore come to rescue people. If you are going through a difficult phase and seeking help, you can reach out to Incontact.

Here in this blog, we will learn all about the counselling services in Singapore and how it is helping people live a better life.

There are various counselling services available in Singapore that are helping individuals.

A Brief Overview of Counselling Services in Singapore

Counselling is a process that helps to deal with a variety of issues that occur in human life. Counsellors are the experts that provide an open space where you can talk about literally anything. They will listen to our problems without any judgement and help us find the solution.

Counselling can help anyone dealing with a variety of challenges that they are going through. And the need for somebody who listens to all the problems without any judgement. It can be hard to discover one who will listen to you without casting aspersions on our hectic lives in Singapore. As a result, seeking the advice of a trained professional is the greatest way to maintain a positive outlook.

Whether you’re having trouble with your marriage or are dealing with academic demands, there are various counselling services in Singapore where you may pursue treatment to improve your mental health.

Types of Counselling Provided- Counselling Services in Singapore

Professionals in Singapore provide various types of counselling. Some are mentioned below:

1. Gestalt Therapy

This is one of the most popular approaches that is used by many counselling services in Singapore. This type of treatment concentrates on the patient’s experience, encompassing emotions, ideas, and behaviours. By examining behaviour and gestures and conversing about stirred up emotions, the client increases self-awareness.

2. Psychodynamic Counselling

This method emphasises the role of the subconscious and previous experiences that are affecting current actions. The patient is expected to express early interactions with parents or other significant people, while the counsellor concentrates on the client relationship (dynamics), particularly projection. When a patient reflects feelings from previous major connections onto the counsellor, this is known as transference. Psychodynamic therapy is based on psychoanalysis. However, it usually delivers a quicker response to emotional issues.

3. Person-Centred Therapy

As the name speaks volumes, this approach allows the client to find a way to deal with unpleasant sentiments that may have produced emotional problems and helps to build inner strength. The goal is for the patient to see himself as a human, with the ability and flexibility to evolve instead of as a thing.

4. Humanistic Therapy

This method, which stems from the “personal growth revolution,” pushes people to consider their feelings and take accountability for their thoughts and behaviours. The focus is on self-improvement and reaching one’s maximum potential.

5. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a process of paying concentration that is focused on the present moment. A single bad thought might set off a cascade of unpleasant ideas. This method helps individuals be conscious of their thoughts, allowing a first unpleasant notion to be “caught” and treated as a mere “thought” rather than a truth. Most counsellors in Singapore find the mindfulness approach helpful.

Common Types of Counsellor – Counselling Services in Singapore

The common types of counsellors available in Singapore are

1. Mental Health Counsellors – Those dealing with mental health can reach mental health counsellors in Singapore.

2. Marriage Counsellors – The couples who are going through hard times in their marriage can take assistance from marriage counsellors.

3. Educational Counsellors – Educational counsellors are individuals that deal with students and their career-related problems.

4. Rehabilitation Counselors – People with impairments face difficulties that necessitate unique solutions. Rehabilitative therapy helps people reach personal objectives and live more independently, whether they have a physical, mental, or emotional impairment.

These are just some types of counsellors available in Singapore; one can seek other counsellors based on their problems. These experts in Singapore work round the clock to offer better mental care to the people.

That’s all! Seeing the growing number of mental health cases, the government and various authorities have responded more positively. There are various counselling services available in the nations that provide virtual and in-person assistance to the people of Singapore.