csgo dust 2 callouts

In the classic map of csgo dust2, there are a lot of marking points that need to be known. The marking can be used to communicate clearly with your teammates, convey key information in a fierce duel, and also identify the position of the enemy, which is the victory of the game. and the key to failure. Even old players have a certain difficulty in remembering all the dust 2 labels, so many new players will find it difficult to learn dust 2 labels. The following is an introduction to the csgo dust 2 callouts learning method, if you want to know more about csgo Visit gametopn.com for information on callouts dust 2 .

1. View the Dust 2 labeled map

Most of your skills in csgo have to be perfected through repetition , but these skills are practiced on your own and then smashed in online games in official matchmaking , however Dust 2 ‘s notation is difficult to practice Remember , but it’s not impossible, you can find various Dust 2 annotated maps online, which are useful for players who like to learn through visuals .

You can identify different locations on different planes by looking at the outline of the Dust 2 callout map , which helps players better remember callout names without completely forgetting the callout points during gameplay . For example, many people find it easier to remember the difference between Close, Fence, and Car when looking at the map from the front , because many of the battles in the game are too intense for everyone to be distracted to tell the difference between these marked points.

2. Familiarize yourself with the location of the Dust 2 map

When learning csgo Dust 2 annotation , if you have a patient enough partner who can provide you with the function of a guide and answer your various questions, it will definitely be very helpful for your Dust 2 annotation learning . After the player enters the map , they can exceed the time limit to the maximum extent, run around to get familiar with and find out the answer to the question, you can see everything in the game, and visit every place in the map , try to see how others are doing Adversarial , while your partner can provide you with answers about the exact callout locations , so you can remember those callouts without rushing to play the game .

3. Practice in the game

Through the above learning, you will gain some confidence in using annotations . You can put the annotation knowledge you have learned into practice in the game. In the game, many people do not know annotations, and they will not understand and use annotations. Although Dust 2 is one of the most famous CSGO maps , but there are still players who don’t know about its important locations , but if you don’t have a high ranking in competitive play and don’t know the marked points in the map , then your game is good You won’t be able to improve, which is why you need to be patient to learn annotation , which will make you pay in time .

The above is the csgo dust 2 callout learning method. For more csgo callouts dust 2 related articles, please visit gametopn.com . They will continue to update various csgo information and guide articles.