Clocks serve to tell the time and add a focal point or piece of art to any room. In addition, they are often affordable to add some decorative elements to your home. Some creative ways to use clocks to decorate your home include adding a grandfather clock for a touch of tradition, modern wall clocks to make a focal point on any wall, or adding a tabletop clock that shows personality and makes your home feel comfortable to you. 

Clock Types

There are a few types of clocks that you can decorate your home with, including wall clocks, tabletop clocks, and freestanding or grandfather clocks. You can shop wall clocks at Cities Store, or at your local home and garden store. Each clock comes in a wide variety of patterns, colours, and in every style. When selecting clocks for your home, it is important to consider which style you like best in your space, the feel and decorations within your home, and what spaces you want clocks to be in.

The space available and the feel of the room that you are decorating will guide the type and style of clocks that you will use. For smaller rooms with little floor space, a walk clock will fit well and add a focus to the wall. For a clean look, find a modern clock with sleek lines, for contemporary something with more detail, but when you are a collector or have a special interest, find one that matches your style. 

Hallways and Entrances

Hallways and entrances are traditional areas to place a grandfather clock or other standing clock. They add a touch of tradition and warmth to the home, whether made from wood or an updated look with other materials. A standing clock can fit almost anywhere that a lamp could go, and the gentle tick can bring a sense of calm.  

Use Multiple Clocks

Plan out your space to include a focal point where you can use multiple clocks to create a conversation piece. Perhaps you have a love of books, and you want to draw attention to that without a cheap appearance, so you use books to mark the numbers of the clock and install clock hands in the middle. Your books are now your clock, and show your love of reading. People who love art may choose a piece of art they can obtain a print of and add the numbers and the hands to make that into the clock of your dreams.

Placing more than one clock in a space can seem excessive when done poorly, but when done well, it offers a flexible decorative focus that can tie all the rooms together. In addition, clocks can create a flow between spaces by bringing a familiar touch into each room or to make a statement about the passing of time in a practice room, the gentle tick of the clocks working as a metronome.

Tabletop Clocks?

A collection of tabletop clocks can be created in one area, without winding or requiring batteries, and their shapes and connection with those around them will form a point of interest.