Creative home decor ideas that will transform your compact 1 BHK Flat to look Spacious

Many homeowners find it tough to fit every piece of furniture into a compact 1 bedroom flat. If you manage to somehow cram all the things in the house, how can homeowners make an innovative yet practical implementation to make your 1 BHK flat in Delhi look stunning? The secret to designing a bright room is to intelligently make use of the available space. With the help of some multi-purpose components and certain interior designing hacks, you can have a wonderful looking compact 1 BHK. 

Fortunately, our staff of specialists can assist you in making the most of your one-bedroom apartment. 

The art isn’t finished until the walls are covered. Enter the colorful world of home design with

A Neutral Color Palette

Paint may help make compact house interiors appear larger. To begin choosing the right palette, one can go with whites, or neutral gray tones, and use the brighter hues for accents on the walls. Many colors are associated with certain emotions and feelings, green is synonymous with prosperity and blue may represent nobility. At the same time, green hues can also be used to create a warm and airy atmosphere by simulating natural light and decorative lights for the home. The use of mild shades and vivid bursts of color gives your space a soothing feel, making the room seem tidy and new.

Smart Storage

The space in a small 1 BHK flat is utilized best when you maximize storage. In the corridor, homeowners can think of using a storage bench, or use poufs that can also be utilized as covered containers. Installation of a remote television storage unit furniture that allows you to hide your letters, papers, keys, etc is another way to make most of your space. 

Choosing the Right Furniture

One of the best ways of ensuring your 1 BHK interior appears more significant and less cluttered is to use furniture that can be mounted on a wall easily. There are several options available in the market in the foldable furnishings category, including a sofa bed that can be used as a sofa when not in use. Alternatively, utilize the walls of your property by installing a collapsible bed in your room, as well as a walk-in shelf. If you have a small dining area then buy a dining table with a modern foldable functionality that can be set up only when needed. This will save you a lot of room.

Choose a Minimalistic Design

Minimalism does not always imply plain and dullness. Professional interior design engineers should be consulted if you’re unsure of how to combine restricted wall art ideas with decorative lighting to make the colors pop throughout the entire home. Furthermore, the home is sleekly designed with space-saving furniture. You’ll only need one sofa, a storage TV unit, and a dining table with L-shaped seating to finish your living area.

Going with Airy Layouts

The ideal choice for a one-bedroom flat is a layout that is open, airy and combines the different rooms such as the hall, kitchen, and eating area. Homeowners that seek some seclusion and privacy can choose to divide the room by adding portable screens to your 1 BHK homes to prevent people from seeing what is going on inside the different rooms. A modern bookshelf that is backless is also a cost-effective way of making sections within a room by not hampering the overall look of the space. .


When a home’s design is not optimized for the space, living in a 1 BHK flat may be difficult. A few architectural faux pas can make life more difficult in a compact house but the design hacks mentioned above will transform your space for good!i