Creating the Perfect LinkedIn Banner For Your B2B Business

LinkedIn is a valuable tool for B2B marketers, but only if the proper steps are taken to maximize your efforts. The first step in using LinkedIn optimally is to make sure you have the right profile picture and banner which will help you stand out from the crowd.

Here are six simple tips that will take your LinkedIn banner design from meh to amazing:

1. Keep it clean.

Nothing ruins a banner faster than too many words, colors, quotes or other images. It’s important not to overwhelm users who may be skimming through profiles before deciding whether they should click on them. Make sure your text is legible and not crowding the area around your photo.

2. Use a powerful image.

Your LinkedIn banner images should be strong, high-res photos that represent who you are and what you do. Remember that this is an important branding opportunity, so use it wisely!

3. Be friendly.

People may click through to learn more about you by scanning through their newsfeed or just happen upon your company when searching for keywords related to your industry. Having a positive, professional banner will generate the best possible impression of your brand. 

4. Go mobile-friendly.

With 90% of smartphone users using their devices to access social media, more and more people are constantly on the go. Make sure your custom LinkedIn banner is set up in a way that will look good both on a laptop screen and a smartphone or tablet.

5. Stand out from the crowd.

In order to generate interest with potential clients, you need to stand out from your competitors by having a unique design that speaks quality about your brand. Use bold colors, interesting fonts and add an unexpected element that people can’t help but click on!

6. Customize it for LinkedIn Company Pages.

Nowadays, many of us have multiple jobs at different companies. Being able to personalize our LinkedIn banner makes our profiles look more professional and polished while allowing us to stay in touch with our coworkers.

7. Make it memorable.

Make sure to have a banner that combines your personal profile photo with your LinkedIn Company page logo. People want to know that they are in the right place and want to enjoy the experience, so this is a great way to make your profile more memorable.

8. Edit your banner design every quarter.

LinkedIn provides you with the option to edit your banner image so that you can keep up with your changing brand. Remember that you are representing yourself on the number one professional platform, so update often!

There are many design sites available online that can help you create an amazing banner for your LinkedIn company page, like Venngage. There is no need to spend the money on an expensive design agency when you have such an amazing platform at your disposal!

Once you have created your creative LinkedIn banner, make sure to set up your profile correctly by filling in all of the sections and adding engaging content to attract more potential clients.

9. Be creative.

The first thing you should do to create a perfect banner is to follow LinkedIn’s requirements. There are some restrictions on LinkedIn banner size, colors and font type, so make sure you pay attention to these specifications.

Once you have dealt with all of these restrictions, which are actually very few, make sure to use your creativity. Add a beautiful design, a statement or even your logo. You can change your banner as often as you like so this is a great chance to explore different options and see which one works best. Using a photo is a great choice as well because it can help you establish a personal connection with your viewers and show that you are an approachable person.

This is the perfect opportunity to express who you are as a brand, so take advantage of it. You can also add some text to make your banner even more engaging. Try to be as creative and unique as possible, because this is what will make your banner stand out from the crowd.

10. Pick the right colors and font styles.

To create a banner that people will remember, you should use bold colors and fun fonts. Make sure to use the most popular color scheme on LinkedIn, which is blue and white with a touch of a third color.

11. Be consistent.

Once you have found the perfect design for your LinkedIn company page, make sure to keep it consistent. Personalize your profile picture and your cover photo so that it matches the other parts of your page.

12. Keep it simple.

As with all designs, keeping your banner simple is the best way to make it effective. You don’t want to overload people with too many elements because it will only distract them from your content. Make sure to add only the most important things and remove anything that isn’t necessary.

Now that you’ve read the tips, what are you waiting for? Sign up with Venngage today and make that perfect LinkedIn banner for your B2B business. You’ll find tons of LinkedIn banner ideas there!