Countries grant citizenship for investment

Today, money not only buys planes, yachts and hotels that attract the wealthy in the world, but also buys the nationalities and passports of dozens of countries in the world, as a study conducted by CI Global Partner showed that 90% of people do not want to obtain a nationality and a second passport. And, about 40% of them do not want to invest in order to obtain citizenship and a second passport.

There are a large number of countries granting their nationalities to people in exchange for investing in countries in several ways, and the most important of these ways is investing through the real estate sector, where the owner of this investment obtains citizenship or permanent residence in this country according to the laws in force there.

The number of countries that grant citizenship by buying real estate or making an investment in the country reaches nearly 30 countries in the world, and we will mention the most important of these countries and how to obtain citizenship in exchange for investment.

The purpose of obtaining the second citizenship:

There are many reasons that will make you think about obtaining citizenship and a second passport, especially if you are residing in an unsafe country, and the most important of these reasons for obtaining a second citizenship are:

1- Living in a stable and secure country and away from political conflicts.

2- Protecting the family from wars.

3- Securing a better future for the family upon obtaining a second citizenship.

4- Business expansion and ease of movement between countries to develop trade and business.

5- Obtaining the best services in education and health.

6- Take advantage of the tax systems offered by some countries.

7- Owning commercial and residential real estate at competitive prices.

The most important countries that grant you citizenship in return for buying or investing in a property:

After we know the most important reasons that will make you think about obtaining another nationality, we will present the best countries in which you can acquire a nationality.

●     Malta:

Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea and depends mainly on tourism in its economy and commercial sector. It is one of the countries that has a stable political system, making it one of the most stable countries and an attractive place for investors.

Citizenship in Malta can be obtained by buying a property worth 320,000 euros, or renting a property for approximately 20 years at 16,000 euros annually, and one of the advantages of the Malta passport is that you can enter 180 countries in the world.

●     Portugal:

Portugal is located in the southwest of Europe, bordered to the north and east by Spain, and to the south and west by the Atlantic Ocean.

There is a special program in Portugal for obtaining Portuguese citizenship, and the Portuguese government called it the Golden Visa Program. The Portuguese economy is one of the most diversified economies around the world, as it depends mainly on services, industry, and agriculture.

Portugal offers the option of investing for individuals to obtain its citizenship by investing in real estate with a value of at least 500,000 euros, and investing in a property whose construction dates back 30 years for its reconstruction with a value of no less than 350 thousand euros, and after investing 5 years from buying the property The Portuguese passport enables you to enter 190 countries in the world.

●     Cyprus:

The island of Cyprus is an independent island belonging to the European Union, and its nature is characterized by wonderful and beautiful beaches. Cyprus relies mainly on tourism in its economy. Cyprus is a peaceful and politically stable country, and therefore it is a good destination for obtaining citizenship and residence.

The Cypriot passport is ranked 16th in the world and you can obtain Cypriot citizenship with an investment of approximately 2.5 million euros, and businessmen in Cyprus enjoy many advantages such as having a good living system and a first-class health care system, and there are several options for investing in Cyprus such as Investing in real estate and development projects.

●      Turkey:

Recently, the Turkish government decided to grant Turkish citizenship to investors in the country, and the Turkish passport is one of the 50 most powerful passports in the world, allowing you to enter a large number of countries up to 105 countries around the world, except for the European Union countries.

You can obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment by buying a property in Turkey worth 250 thousand dollars. What distinguishes the Turkish citizenship program is the speed of completion of transactions, as it does not take a maximum of 5 months to obtain Turkish citizenship and passport.

Citizenship is granted to all family members under the age of 18. Turkish citizenship holders benefit from many services such as free education in Turkish schools, university payment plans, and access to scholarships and health care, and the Turkish program is one of the cheapest programs that you can invest in to obtain Turkish citizenship.

●    Spain:

Spain is located in the southwest of Europe, and is a very suitable location for investment in it and is considered one of the good countries to attract investors from around the world, and Spain relies on tourism, industry, and agriculture in its national income.

In Spain, there is a special program for obtaining citizenship, which is the real estate investment program, which enables the investor to obtain Spanish citizenship, and in order to do so, a property must be purchased for an amount of at least 500,000 euros.

●      Australia:

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries that is not inhabited by a large number of people and enjoys vast areas, and Australia depends in its economy on both tourism and agriculture, and the Australian passport is one of the best passports that you can obtain.

To obtain Australian citizenship, you must invest 2.5 million Australian dollars and you will be granted the Australian citizenship after purchase within a period of up to one year.

●    Italy:

Italy is one of the wonderful and beautiful European countries. Italy is characterized by a wonderful climate close to the climate of the Middle East. Italy relies mainly on tourism, industry, and export for its economy.

The Italian government has opened the door to obtaining Italian citizenship through several methods, the most important of which are:

  • Make an investment of 2 million euros in government bonds.
  • A charitable donation of 500,000 euros to an Italian start-up company.

It takes 30 days to obtain Italian citizenship, and it can last up to 5 years.