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In 2021, 81% of businesses are using videos as part of their online marketing strategy.

Marketing with a professional business explainer video is an excellent way to advertise your companies story, brand, and mission in an engaging, visual summary.

However, nothing kills engagement quicker than a poorly made corporate video; if this is the first thing people learn about your business, you want it to be outstanding. 

Read on to learn about the benefits of hiring a corporate video production company. 

1. High Production Value 

By hiring a video production company in Singapore, you have guaranteed quality. You can view samples of their previous work to check it’s up to standard and give them a specific brief on what you want to achieve.

Once the video has been commissioned, you can rest assured that they’ll use the suitable kit to get the best results. 

2. Clever Marketing 

Once you communicate your goal, the experts will use current marketing trends to ensure you hit the mark.

Keeping up to date with the latest tips is all part of the job description, and a production company will be able to provide insights you wouldn’t know if you were making a video in-house. 

3. Long-Term Relationships

When you’re creating corporate video content, many companies will offer returning-client discounts.

There’s a great benefit to sticking to the same company if you’re creating multiple pieces of video content; keeping style and messages consistent is essential. 

Once you’ve got your corporate video, what’s next? From product videos to testimonial videos, chances are you’ll want more video content. 

By choosing a corporate video production company, you can foster long-term relationships that help increase your business’s success. 

4. Save Time

Where you might play around with different effects, visuals, and transitions until you find the perfect look, a video production company will know what’s needed immediately. 

By hiring a company specializing in corporate videos, you’ll be saving hours, reviews, and re-writes. Taking all that into consideration, hiring a company is often more cost-effective than doing the work in-house. 

5. Multiple Packages and Services 

Some corporate video companies can do organize every part of your video for you. For example, services like Rock Creek Productions can provide everything from makeup supplies to narrators to researchers for your video. 

If you want the all-in experience, it could potentially save you big money down the line. There’s no need to distract your research, marketing, and design team with tasks for the video – a specialist company could do it all for you. 

Hire a Corporate Video Production Company Today

There you have five key benefits of hiring a video production company. If you want a high-quality, on-trend video that’s made quickly, with professional expertise hiring a corporate video production company is the way to go.

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