Coronavirus update in South Korea: Level 4 to Level 3 restrictions

South Korea is adjusting restrictions from level 4 to level 3 as South Korea is having a decline in new infection rates and getting more people vaccinated. In this article, Ziptoss has given a covid 19 update for the guidelines and adjusted restrictions from level 4 to level 3.

Gatherings at homes, restaurants, and cafes

  • At level 3, people can hold private events with a maximum of eight people throughout the day if they include no more than 4 unvaccinated people(previously with only 6 people with no more than 4 unvaccinated people until 6 PM and no more than two unvaccinated people after 6 PM in level 4).

Wedding events

  • Wedding events have been slightly lifted. From only 49 people allowed in level 4, couples can invite 99 people(if at least 50 guests are vaccinated and 49 or fewer unvaccinated people can attend).
  • If there is no food included in the event, Couples can invite 199 guests in level 3 from 99 guests in level 4, but if 100 or more guests are vaccinated.

Birthday parties

  • Birthday celebrations for babies can have 16 guests in level 3(only 4 guests are allowed before 6 PM and 2 guests after 6 PM in level 4).

Indoor recreational activities

  • Restaurants, cafes, movie theaters, PC bang(PC rooms), Noraebang(singing rooms), gyms, and Hagwon(cram schools) are allowed to open until 10 PM in level 3.

Outdoor gatherings and events

  • The exception is for those who have been vaccinated and want to play outdoor sports. Private gatherings for outdoor sports(such as baseball and basketball) have similar restrictions as private gatherings, but for areas in level 3, you can add up to 1.5 times the number of people required for the game, only if all additional players are fully vaccinated.