Vacant House

Have you ever gotten sick of cleaning all the extra space in your house that you hardly use but have to clean in order to make sure that the dust won’t accumulate and make your place look haunted? Well, most people do get tired of cleaning and maintaining such spaces. The problem is that you guys have not thought about the magical wonders you can do with these spaces.

This article is written for those people who want to shoot an arrow and solve the extra space problems and get money in return. So it all starts from the point where we tell you, you can make money from that extra space!

What Do You Need?

Now you must be wondering what you would need in order to convert your place into a money-making source and not have to clean all that extra space. Now here’s the surprise for you. You need nothing! Just the space in your house which you will be renting out for storage purposes to those who need it and in return for your services they will pay you.

How Does It Work?

Have you heard about the ever-increasing need for storage spaces? There are so many things we can’t stop ourselves from buying. This is where the real problem for people begins. They don’t want to throw away most of the stuff and keep buying new stuff. So when they run out of storage space at home they start looking for options outside their homes,

This is where you come in. You need to register yourself on the SpaceNextDoor website as a space lender. The website will then connect you to the people near you who need to hire a renting space for storage. Both the parties can then physically meet and if things work out between the two, space can be rented.

See? It was just that easy. So you can sit home and rent your extra space to someone who needs it and earn money in return.

Rent Out Your Living Space To Someone

If you have a whole house or a big apartment and you won’t mind sharing it with other people, then shared accommodation is another brilliant idea.  You can hire a real estate agent who can help you find suitable people for the number of rooms you want to rent out. 

Once you make a deal with the people who are willing to live with you on rent, you will have a stable monthly income. The cons of this idea are that you will have to share your kitchen with them and if you have one bathroom then, in this case, the bathroom too. 

But the brighter side of this scheme is that you can earn more by sharing your apartment with people because this way your bills will also be shared and you will get a better price through it. Moreover, you won’t even have to clean their rooms.


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